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Succession planning. . . It is not easy to talk about what will happen in the future, in the event of handicap, or death. But I believe that all businesses have to have a plan. Ranching, as much as it is a family affair, is still a business. Our income comes from the cattle we raise and sell, the beef we sell, and sometimes, the hay we can sell to others. You can't expect to just have it handed to you without putting in the time. . . The plan has been murky and frustrating for a long, long time. As a kid, I got irritated and upset with my folks for just not "getting it"- I mean, I had to know, would my husband and I ever take over, or were we just hired labor? Hours and hours, and tears, and many nights of lost sleep and hand wringing happened. . . I finally just took a step back and let God take the wheel. I stopped worrying and stressing about something I couldn't control. I realized my parents needed time- this was the only thing they had known for pretty much their whole lives, and who the hell was I to make them give it up? As a mother, I know that you want to help your kids, but you have to make sure you still have a life further down the road. I get it now. . . The weight that was lifted once we finally all came to agreement and had a plan, was like nothing I have ever experienced. If I could tell others my age in this same boat, it would be, just cool your jets โค. Your parents need time. It is gonna be hard. You will fight and cry and cuss, but you will also soften, and bend, and learn. And hopefully, make your parents proud to pass their legacy on to you. . . Keep your chin up. Believe in yourself, have goals, but don't forget to be kind and patient. Let God take the reins. He knows the trail much better than we do, so don't be afraid to follow His lead. . . Time. Growth. Change. It is always part of the plan.

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