Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from March 6, 2020


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for March 6. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your Instagram pics with #agdaily. 

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Happy Friday my friends! There is nothing more that I love than being a farm pup. Mud in my hair, dirt beneath my feet, yummy cow pup to eat, always running around like a maniac. It’s the life! Swipe to see proof ➡️ Did you know the majority of feed we give our cattle is homegrown? This includes corn, silage and hay! Even these corn stalk bales I’m standing on will be used as bedding for the cattle. It’s pretty cool how farmers use the crops they produce to feed their cattle so we can have food on our plate 😋 • • • #farmfactfriday #stealpctagndie #dirtcactuspawty #galaxy0melon0 #pups02unleashed20 #farm #agriculture #farmdog #farmdoglife #cattle #feedlot #iowa #ahf #blackandwhite #haybales #dirtydog #fun #friends #play #instaanimal #fridayfeeling #friday #weekend #animalnorth #thankful

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Happy Friday!!🥳//In approximately 48 hours we'll be loading these ladies up and taking them to the market to be processed. . It's always a bittersweet thing to see them go. Especially the red and white one in this group. I posted about her awhile back and how I've gotten slightly attached. What always gets me through is the fact that we're selling good meat to people to feed to their families and growing meat for our own freezer as well. . On the plus side, we'll get to have new babies again soon! It's always exciting to get new ones and have a new group with a new personality. One day we'll have more than 4-6 at a time. Heck maybe one day we'll calve our own. That's the dream. . But for now I'll be content with our small group of calves we get from someone else. Baby steps. 🐮🥩

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The COO had a few hours to kill before he had to catch a plane back to Headquarters, so he thought he would join the Herdsman and me and execute a little herd health this morning. He was pretty hands-on until he realized we were doing Bull Soundness Exams (Google it, if unclear). He sure did have a lot of questions about semen motility and scrotal circumference. He also didn’t realize that his own company, Pilaroc Farms, has bulls available for cattle farmers to purchase to improve their own breeding stock. I did catch him trying to feed a NutriGrain bar to one of the bulls. He was a little embarrassed, as I told him they don’t like the blueberry kind. We then continued to work with the veterinarian and do some pregnancy checks on our females using an ultrasound machine and he was certainly fascinated by that process as well. But, to this day, nothing holds his attention like a sorting flag. The COO left with another reproductive anatomy lesson under his belt. This information will prove quite valuable as he trains other employees within the company at the upcoming National Sales Meeting. And he probably got on the plane smelling a little like cow poo, but that’s always a good conversation starter with the Vegan sitting next to him. # #johncolyar #whywedowhatwedo #farmkid #farmkidlife #coo #bossman #babyfarmer #tnmagicmoments #raiseemright #farmfamily #bestchildhood #womeninag #womeninagriculture #thebestlife #iamangus #beef4generations #beefitswhatsfordinner

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