Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Nov. 10


Here are some of the best agricultural photos on Instagram for Nov. 10. Want to get listed? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

The peaceable Kingdom. Watching animals like Sheba the goat here and her little chicken friend made me a bit jealous of their simple, blissful existence. This election is a big loss for the environment, real food movement, education and women's rights- all things we feel are sorely needed in our nation right now. The easy response would be to wallow in sadness and keep our heads down. But we'll keep voting with our actions- the food sources we choose to support each time we buy food, the chemical footprint we choose when we buy cleaning products for our bodies and homes and the lifestyle choices we make. It's tough to stay committed when there are so many cheap, fast and easy ways to eat in our nation. But I know the long term benefits are worth it. Animals are sweet, but let's use our long term planning skills to think about our impact and #legacy on this #planet in terms of decades and centuries, instead of quarterly profit margins. ?? . #farm #goats #chickens #peaceful #friendshipgoals #slowlife #goat #liveslow #farmlife #election2016 #foodforthought #filmborn #portraitmode #portra400

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Cowboy moving a herd of cattle at sunset at the Ball Ranch in Northwest Oklahoma.

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These babies aren't so little anymore! Still like the snuggling though:)

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