Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from April 25


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for April 25. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

"I see you. You swerve back and forth. You lean against the window. You shake your head and throw up your hands. You swerve again to see if you can pass by. You go. You go on a double line. You go on a corner. You go when another car is coming. Meanwhile, a farmer is driving as close to the side of the road as possible. Not driving fast, tractors do not drive fast. Maybe there is a passing area just up ahead, maybe he is about to pull into the field, maybe he is searching for a place to pull off so you can pull by. Either way he doesn’t want to be on that road any more than you want to wait behind him. He is just trying to do his job and get home to his family." #linkinbio . . . . #farmlife #pnwlife #family #pnw #lifestyle

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THIS is exactly WHY I worked so hard. ?I never intended on leaving my architectural drafting degree behind.? My goal was to work part time, and be at home, be a wife and a mom, but also live a life that I would be able to work around. I like to say that God had BIGGER plans!? . . Days like today, when I get to help my farmer get the planter ready for #plant18 and Bailey, the farm dog? hops in my lap to help.?️ I never imagined that I would be working and sitting along side of my farmer on the ground. But I wouldn't have it any other way! ???‍? . . I worked my butt off to create the life the I have now. ?‍?I get to work my own hours, and even when I was working full time, I MADE the time, because getting to HELP others was and still is, my PASSION. ??I love that I get to help others and lead a team of moms, career ladies, and small town girls! And earn an income for our family from HOME?, while working on the planter! And P.S. Our team is in the TOP 400 out of the entire network of 40,000 coaches! Like HOW did that happen?! ?? . . All day tomorrow, we are going to be sharing our stories with you and how we have made it work through being small town girls, moms, wives, and having full time jobs, and life to juggle! ?We will be going live in a private group, the link is below! ??Come and join us and be INSPIRED!! ?⚡ . . . #farmwife #farmerswife #ranchwife #rancherswife #northdakota #dairyfarm #eatbeef #farmmom #farmlifebestlife #ranchlove #johndeere #springontgefarm #springontheranch #breakfastlover #countrywoman #countrygirl #farmersdaughter #cowsofinstagram #farm365 #agproud #grainfarmer #blackangusbeef #registeredangus #blackangus #smalltowngirl #midwestgirl #smalltownlife #womeninag #farmhouse

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Success today meant that all 5 bucket calves finally took to the milk bar ??

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• Defy the Odds • #stinehasyield #womeninagriculture #plant18

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Plant ‘18 in full swing on Bennett Farms? #plant18 #InVISION

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