Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Aug. 14


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That cane isn't just a pig stick. I have health issues and long days at the fair take their toll. I'd love to say all went great. It didn't. I waited all year for this moment. Some folks count down days to Christmas, some their birthday. Me-showing my pigs! Months of physical therapy, strict diet, weekly injections, planning galore, a team of helpers back in the barn to get me out there. That show ring I love so much! We were doing okay! Thistle was a gem, she knows what I need, the judge chuckled even at this giant puppy pig so eager to please. And then- everything fell to hell. An uncontrolled pig bumped into my side, just right, or just wrong. It displaced my pubic bone. Yup! It hurt. Bad. I reached to turn Thistle and suddenly the pain was blinding. Nauseating. The judge faded from view, the stands started spinning. Disoriented, gasping I tried to get to the gate. Thistle, my sweetie following me close. Like I said, she knows. I bumbled my way out of the ring. I was going down. Fast. Trying to make it to the barn weaving, on the verge of consciousness. Behind the grandstands I collapsed in the chute. Friends jumped fences and got me righted. Got me stable. That dang price I paid for pride was now throbbing knee, ribs, elbow too from hitting the ground. I suppose had that pride been gobbled up and I'd used my walker in the days prior I may have had the strength. Maybe not. But here I am, laying it bare. Not every moment is an "insta" perfect, not every plan goes as planned. Thursday sucked! The realization that I just might not get to do this again. I left the fairgrounds. I got some cold McDonald's sweet tea and went home with my tail between my legs. Angry, embarrassed, sad. And then I swallowed a shot of some good whisky and my pride, dusted off my pants and walker and went back swinging. Life is all about the lessons. The learning. The growing. Getting back in that ring and hopefully walking (or crawling) away better than you went in. #real #raw #agdaily #notperfect #keeplearning #strive #swollowpride #showmanship #keepswinging #ankylosingspondylitis #pubicsymphysis #disabled #differentlyabled #gratitude

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There’s going to be so much mud in all the places. Still worth it.

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Curious sheep 🐑

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