Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from August 20, 2019


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for August 19. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

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Found this cute little round barn today while exploring the countryside in Sauk County. Showing its age but isn't being neglected. It really looks nice on a sunny day with bright blue skies. Captures your attention for sure. Most round barns were built on dairy farms between 1890-1920, so this one is more than likely at least a century old. l wonder how many cows were milked in this one…probably no more than 30 or so based on its smaller size. The octagon roof reminds me of the lid from an old-fashioned stone cookie jar. (I sure do come up with goofy descriptions sometimes! I even amuse myself.) The owners keep the weeds to a minimum with the nicely groomed lawn. Love to see this level of pride. Located on Hwy 33, east of Baraboo, Wisconsin. : : : ag365 #agdaily #farmsnaps #discoverwisconson #bpa_rural #barns #be_one_rural #barnsofinstagram #countryroads #mcl_rural #midwestliving #midwestmoment #wisconsinbarns #wisconsinfarms #wisconsinrural #ig_america_rural #ig_ruralamerica #ig_countryside #hdr_country #rurallife #roamwisconsin #ruralwisconsin #rural_love #country_features #raw_country #ig_rural #total_rural #farm365

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The other day I shared a little bit of info from a report on our farm’s page- talking about agriculture and its carbon foot print. It was met with a lot of wonderful and positive feedback. 🌿🦶Marketing is everything. I know it. I have a marketing degree and took countless hours of classes on branding and marketing strategies. But I believe in honest marketing, you can use every single trick in your media tool kit but bold out-faced lies shouldn’t be one of them. 🌱 The truth about the dairy industry and greenhouse emissions goes like this: A 2010 Report from the UN’s FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) concluded that beef and milk production from global dairy herds account for only 4.1% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This starkly contrasts with higher levels that are often reported in the media, based on older reports and questionable methodology. 🌿 To break down this 4.1% even further: Milk production only accounts for 2.7% of GHG. Beef from dairy cows and non-milk producing dairy calves account for 1.3% of GHG. 🐄 Basically— if you own a car, travel by plane or train but eat a plant-based diet, you’re still largely contributing to greenhouse emissions. If you use heat to warm your home and electricity to cool your home but eat a plant-based diet, you’re still largely contributing to greenhouse emissions. If you use things in your home that then travel to a waste management facility but eat a plant-based diet, you’re still largely contributing to greenhouse emissions. 🚗 Between 1944 and 2007, milk yield in the United States has increased four-fold – while using 90% less cropland, 76% less manure, 65% less water and 63% less carbon. 🦶Instead of a linear incline of growth in their carbon footprint they have drastically reduced their footprint, because— you guys! They care. Read that again. The agriculture community cares! They care about the land and the atmosphere. They care about what they produce and how they produce it. They care about what kind of earth they are entrusting to the next generation. They’re not careless and uneducated, they’re careful and innovative. 🐄 #thankafarmer #factsnotfear

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