Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from August 29, 2019


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I haven’t been out to see and photograph the horses for what feels like a long time. For someone who try’s to balance being a good husband, father, and friend and still pursue my passions it’s been a struggle. But I have a daughter getting married next weekend, and anyone who has had a wedding in their yard will understand what I have been up to. Especially if you have a wife who’s passion is her yard. But in the end I’m pretty sure I won’t ever remember sacrificing a little time for myself, but I will remember my daughters wedding forever. – – This series of pictures is from the last time I was out on the desert. I had been out with the horses for most of the day and they had been content to stay in one spot. But then they decided it was time to venture on. And I decided I was going to follow them as far as I could. I’m glad I did. They all got on a trail that headed west and at the end of it went up a little hill. As I was following them they all just started disappearing over the top of it. I figured most of them were probably long gone by the time I would get over the hill. What I seen when I got to the top of it felt like something out of the movies. There they all were, three hundred or more horses all grazing with a backdrop that even my mind could not have imagined any better. I sat there and photographed them until there was not a sliver of light left for my camera to pick up. By then the horses were all heading back to where we had started. I put my backpack on and followed the last of them out. Me, and three friendly bachelor stallions who decided to escort me back to my truck. It was a good day. – – Onaqui wild horse management area Utah’s west desert . #wildhorses #wildplaces . #hardysfavorite #farrierlife #horse #equine #horsesofinsta #ranch #ranchlife #western #westernlife #utah #utahphotographer #outwest #westernphotography #cowboy_features #utahlandscape #wildhorsepc

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Wouldn’t it be SO COOL if cows could talk?! 😍 if they could, you wouldn’t find me doing much else besides talking to them, honestly 😂 🐮 If cows (or any other livestock, really) could talk…what do you think they would say? How much they hate flies and love hay and grain? How they don’t appreciate being chased into the pen and yelled at when they don’t cooperate? 🤣 I crack myself up 🐮 In all seriousness, we obviously know that cows, livestock and crops can’t talk. However, it’s our job as farmers and agriculturalists to be their voice and to tell their story. 🐮 From cows to corn, from pigs to peaches, and from horses to habañero peppers. None of these things can talk, but they all have stories. And people need to hear them. The agricultural industry depends on it now more than ever! 🐮 What do you have on your farm that has a story needing to be told? Comment below 👇🏼💕 #TheFarmStory

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Brian made it all the way to Marysville CA (4 hours away) and back yesterday to spend some time with our friend Adam @country.butcher cutting beef and learning all we can about the best equipment and work flow in a butchery before we build our own. It was a long day but he made it back in time to check cows with me and see how all the new babies are doing. So far only a handful of our heifers (first time moms) have calved, our cows are due starting in September and it’s going to get busy! We tag calves as they are born with the letter corresponding to our season so in our 6th year calving these are the F’s and we have 10 healthy calves so far. One born to a cow (seasoned mom) was born a little early and is a bit weak but we’ve been watching him closely and helping him with electrolytes and some extra care. Calving season is busy- we check the view every few hours day and night to make sure labors and deliveries are going smoothly but it’s an exciting time on the ranch! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 #ranchlife #calvingseason #m5calvingseason #m5calves #checkingcows #m5cows #heifers #augustbabies #pasturedeverything #fivemarys

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