Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from July 2, 2019


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for July 2. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

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It’s awfully tight now when all four of us are in the cab… but those moments are worth it. We’ve been harvesting wheat for a couple of days here in Central Kansas on @splitterfarms. It’s been quite the year. It hasn’t been pretty, and quite honestly, I don’t ask how the wheat is doing because I don’t want him to have to relive it repeatedly. My role changes all the time with our farm, but I’ve decided the one role we can play no matter what is the cheerleaders. And he’s got three pretty good ones on his side (or on his lap, in this case!) We slow him down a little bit – climbing in and out of a clown car, dinner in tow, and trying to drive at a slower pace… but it’s worth it. It’s always worth it. #myksfarmlife #johndeere #wheat19 #lilmiss #farmkids #fifthgeneration #sixthgeneration @matt_splitter

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Good Monday morning to everyone out there, at least I think it’s Monday morning. We are about halfway through grass seed swathing on the farm, which means both me and dad have been running swathers all night then turning around and putting some hours in on day shift. So all our days are blurring together and we are running on a lot of coffee and very little sleep. Still I wouldn’t trade this life for anything! I mean when each day you get to work in this kind of beauty, how can you complain? I know this will be a holiday week for most but regardless of how many days (or nights) you have to work this week let’s make it a great one and a safe one. And as a side note if you happen to see any equipment moving on the roads, give those farmers some grace. Most likely they are sleep deprived and just want to wrap up work (I can promise you they don’t want to be on the road anymore than you want to be stuck behind them).

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Some images are worth a million words, while others are worth a million feelings. This is how it felt for me taking this image and delivering it to Kirstin…. • •These girls belonged to her grandpa who has since passed. She told me that he would come out every evening to visit them. Talk about a heart jerker. Kirstin continued to inform me that these lovely girls will get to live put their days as decorative bovine and be sentimental to her family. They will remain one of the many ways they can keep his spirit alive… guys I’ll brb… 😭 • • •#moomonday #country_features #countrylifestyle1 #agdaily #angus #blackangus #decorativebovine #nikonphotography #nikonnofilter #cattle #cowsofinstagram #thegirls #sentimental #smallfarmcharm #countrysideandfarmlife #farmlife #farmlifebestlife #smallherd #herdofcattle #kathrynthomasphotography #mdlivin #mdphotography #mdphotographer #carrollcountymd #iamcountryside #cattletales #raw_country #pocket_farms

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