Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from July 27


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for July 27. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

Sunset No. 47

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Today I had a moment. A moment when my pride was hurt, my agricultural retail practices were questioned and I should have gotten real sassy…but I didn’t (if you know me this would surprise you). Someone said that my prices just seem to keep “going up”. They love shopping with us but “prices keep them away”. I had all I could do to keep it professional but I did. Here’s what I really wanted to say… Do you want to see my fuel bill for the months we have to heat the greenhouses to grow those tomatoes? Would like to see my seed bills? You might choke on those tomatoes if you did. Do you know what goes into food production? The backbreaking labor, the literal blood, sweat and tears. Cause I bet you couldn’t hang! Do you see prices in the grocery store ever go down? Cause where I am they go up and I don’t complain because my Oreos and ice cream need a farmer to be made. High five fellow farmers!! Do you see these kids in the pictures? Do you know that every single day we are working to maintain a legacy started by my grandparents? Do you know that we strive each and every day to keep the dream alive of having the 4th generation run this farm? Growing quality food isn’t cheap so buying it isn’t either. Thank your farmers, get to know them, support them and most importantly…ask questions (in a nice way). We are happy to help, happy to educate and happy to see you buying our products. But hot dang do we (or maybe it’s just me) get a tad heated when you question our practices and values. . . . #farmgirl #agvocate #agriculture #farmlife #farmkids #legacy #familyfarm #farmkids #wegrowforyou #takeawalkinmyshoes #ohnoyoudidnt #shewentthere #oopsdidisaythat #supportyourlocalfarmer #buylocal #localfood #agdaily

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I love this quote! #farmlife #harvest2018 #agdaily

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Beautiful Kansas sunsets 😍 #KansasSkies #AgrigoldCorn

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