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Morgan helping fill the combined with Go juice. Keep them combines rolling!

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“Were you raised in a barn?” It’s a common saying but I don’t think it should be used the way it’s intended. You learn important life lessons in a barn. You learn about hard-work in a barn. You see life start and life end in a barn. You learn compassion and care in a barn. You get dirty and wear bruises like badges of honor in a barn. You gain optimism and respect in a barn. I hope if someone ever says to them, “Were you raised in a barn?”- they confidently reply yes and take it as a compliment. ✨🌿🐄 . . . . #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodunplugged #lovelifeoutside #bedeeplyrooted #thesincerestoryteller #seeksimplicity #wildandbravelittles #raisinglittleladies #farmlife #agdaily #hessdairyfarm #agvocate #knowyourfarmer #onthefarm

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I’m in my happy place 🌞

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The world needs more cowboys. It's National Day of the Cowboy for that reason ❤️

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Happy Monday! To start off the week I am sharing a little more about our calves and filming an Instagram live video. Join me tomorrow at 11 am MST! The team from Calftec will be joining me to explain all about how we bottle feed our calves and what we feed them to keep them healthy. This photo ⬆️ is our group pen. When our calves are 2.5 to 3 months old and ready to be weaned, we move them to group pens. In the group pens, calves start to learn how to interact with each other and their place in the herd kind of kindergarten for cows 😂. They also starting practicing with the stanchions. Stanchions are what they put their head through to eat. These ones are really simple to help them get the hang of it. If you swipe left you can see #1031 (the same calf from last week) using the stanchions and how she has grown!

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2018 Jackson County Fair is over. The kids and animals are all back home

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So today was another full day. We started with us finishing swathing our first radish field of the year. Next up was retentioning our drip tubes in our grape vineyard. As the drip tubes get hot during the day and cold at night they swell and shrink. This can cause the lines to sag and can move the drip emitters off of our plants which in turn can cause it to dry out. So we pulled out all the slack and installed homemade bungee cord tentioner. We will see how it works. They it was training and pruning on the baby grape plants and checking emitters for plugs. Next up was moving hand line irrigation and of course unplugging sprinklers. Then we finished out the day with a swather move and opening up our last radish field. All in all a good and full day.

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With the weather being so dry and there being no moisture in the ground, it is proving very difficult to work down the land. We’ve had to subsoil all of our tramlines down to 18inches due to them being far too hard to plough to the point where nothing can actually penetrate the top soil. Our plough parts are wearing out at twice the rate they usually do due to the battle between rock and metal without moisture. So here’s to tomorrow’s weather forecast being accurate and let’s hope the heavens open 💦💦💦💦 • • • • • #backbritishfarming #britishfarming #subsoiling #cultivation #harvest18 #rain #britishcountryside #agriculture #caseih #girlsthatfarm #countrygirl #countrylife #rurallife #farming #farmlife #farming #farmingphotography #tractor #precision #farm365 #farmmachinery #machinery #kit #caseihcvx #farmphotographydaily #photography #farm24

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Hard work is a family affair.

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Happy Friday!!! We took our beef to the Coburg Market yesterday and our customers braved the heat to get some of our delicious beef👏👍 When people tell me how much they love our beef it makes my heart happy and makes all the sweaty crazy days and really late nights worth it! If you have bought our beef…🥩Thank You 🥩 Follow our insta-stories for all our adventures with escaped goats, cows, snakes and wasps! 😂🐍🐐😬😎🐴🦄🐃🦌 📷 @whistlingdixiephoto #familyfun #familyfarm #goat #stonebergfarms #workhard #momboss #bossbabe #farm #ranch #countryliving #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #cowgirl #momlife #memories #friday #beef #horses #pony #minipony #family #grassfed #farmersmarket #local #pnw #corvallis #coburg #oregon #instastonebergfarms @agdailymedia

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