Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from June 11


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for June 11. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

Day one of cucumbers!! #mtolivepickles

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Behind the Scenes at the Circle L Ranch. Meet our some of our herd. Ol’ Grey Ol’Grey is one of my own, meaning his in my string. Here’s a little@about him: I don’t share him a lot! He is a Quarter Horse. He is a really good rope horse. We make a good drag-the-calves to the fire pair. He really only like me. He is big and stout! We get along great but he doesn’t enjoy being ridden by the kids. I have used him in ranch rodeos. He loves cookies. He likes to test my cowgirl skills once in a awhile.(Meaning he bucks sometimes!) He’s pushing the age of 20. What else would you like to know about Ol’ Grey? Stay tuned for more “Behind the Scenes” posts. • • • #behindthescenes #circlelranch #quarterhorse #horses_of_instagram #horse #ranchlife #hesthebest #cattletales #cowgirl #grey

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Farm… #home #agdaily #delaware #america ??

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And they thought we brought them cubes #agdaily #agriculture #farmher #farmer #cattle

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"Back up! I've got this!" Was the repeated phrase after the late night arrival of slightly premature twin baby goats. And well, yes, FarmHer Raye did have it all under control. She'd been waiting for this moment for a very long time. So bolting out of bed and into action didn't even phrase her. Grabbing towels to dry them, finding ties to seal the umbilical cords. Holding them up to help them nurse from their mama. The mama goat, Rotti Rotten, is her goat. She breathed life literally into Rotti when Rotti was born far to early . She helped pass feeding tubes to give Rotti the nutrients needed to fight for her place in this world. She helped transition her to bottles and celebrated weeks later when Rotti was finally strong enough to stand. She trained and plays with her daily. She mucks the stalls and throws the hay. She showed Rotti Rotten at the fair when Raye was only three years old. And paraded her through town on Independence day waving at the crowds along the way. So yes, Baby You've got this! And so much more! #farmersheart #FarmHer #thiskid #devotion #hardworkingkid #wellrounded #shesgotit #whatittakes #kidfarmer #babygoats #agdaily #farm365 #farmlifeblessedlife #idaho #idahofarmer #blessedbeyondmeasure #aheadofthepack #gogetem #independentwoman

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When the bottle calf isn’t very photogenic! #cattle #agvocate #agdaily #wetried

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Hold on to the dreams of your youth ❤️ #greatheartseed

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I love this picture it’s the place I want to be and when I’m not here I find it in my mind and go there. At peace in the pasture with the cows and their calves. I don’t know why but I love to watch my animals. Not sure if this is some weird condition but I love sitting in the grass as close as they will allow and it feels like I can take a deeper breathe. All the troubles of the day fade away and I feel content at peace. Probably because it’s so quiet, no screaming kids just the sound of the wind and chewing….I want them to know me and I want to know them. I feel grounded and so amazed by the Maker of it all. In the pasture with the cows life makes sense to me and I feel at home. • • • • • • • • • • #homeinthepasture #cows #allnatural #nature #inspiration #countrylife #agdaily #stonebergfarms #farm #momboss #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #getitgirl #bossbabe #liveyourlife #dream #workhard

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Sunrise No. 14

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The barn is a very special place to each and every farmer and rancher. Years are spent building them, at times, catering to each person's needs. Not one barn is the same as another. In every barn, families are made and strengthened by adversity, hardships, and long nights when it doesn't seem like luck is on their side. Generations of families come and go through them as the family ranch gets passed down from parent to child. Dreams become reality, hearts are warmed and may also be broken. Memories from a lifetime of living on the same place are formed in the barn, all of which will never be forgotten. An old barn may not be the prettiest thing, compared to what it once was, but within those red walls and big barn doors, endless stories could be told, and it has more character than just about anything you could imagine. If you ever are fortunate enough to have been around an old barn, well, you're one of the luckiest people in the world. . . . . . . #OldBarnRed #HighButteRanch #QuarterCircleUS #RedAngus #MontanaRanching #HistoryInTheMaking #RememberYourRoots #BarnsAreWhereTheBestMemoriesAreMade #AgDaily

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My sister took this photo and I adore it. I was raised on the floors of tractors and in combine cabs in the summers on my grandpa's farm. I was about 9 when I started to learn how to drive myself (other than the time my uncle let me drive the combine when I was 3 ???). I am still in awe of these giant machines rolling over top of this golden crop perfectly, cutting it off and keeping the grain inside while spitting out most of the junk. What an incredible invention! Some of my very favorite memories as a kid were eating Oreos or candy bars while riding a combine with my grandpa Pete. He would sing all kinds of songs with me. One of my favorites was, "How much is that doggie in the window?". There are people who take offense to being called a farmer…but to me I will forever be blessed to be called a #farmkid #farmlife #ag365 #agdaily #farmersgranddaughter #farmgirl #countrygirl #okag #oklagriculture #oklahoma #americanfarmer #6thgeneration

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