Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from June 22


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Charlotte had her entrance interview for preschool this morning. Yep you read that correctly, entrance interview for preschool. Really? I can’t believe how much preschool feels like kindergarten these days but mostly I can’t believe that our second child will be starting in a school program this fall— it feels like we just brought her squishy little self home from the hospital. She’s definitely her mamas girl and while Ava has always been 10 steps ahead of me Charlotte is usually hiding ‘behind my skirt.’ It will be an adjustment for all of us but it’s time to push baby bird number two out of the nest and I’m excited for her to broaden her horizons. ✨🌿 . . . . . . #motherhoodsimplified #memoirsofmotherhood #parenthood_moments #candidchildhood #thejuggleisreal  #clickinmoms #wildandbravelittles #theheartcaptured #theartofchildhood #kidsforreal #farmlife #agdaily #hellostoryteller  #bedeeplyrooted #seeksimplicity

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Throwing it back to late winter early spring just cause 😂

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All this wet weather and you'll get stuck anywhere #farmkids #agdaily #johndeere

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A friend @the_rhyne_ said it's national selfie day and well pigs and I have been snout to snout for more decades than I am ready to admit! This is me, #realpigfarming right here folks! Pigs are incredibly fascinating animals and so often misunderstood. Thistle here is one of my best buddies and even though she tips the scales at over six hundred pounds, she will willingly, eagerly do her best to follow my leads. Taking time with your stock builds a great trust bond. She might not know why I need to put her in a stall, but she goes because she has no reason to fear that I won't be looking out for her best interest. All the pigs here at the farm have this same trust, respect and displays of affection. I can say without a doubt earning the trust and respect of my pigs carries more weight than doing so with anything with two legs! Just love me those pigs! #pigfarmer #pigofig #piglife #porkraisedright #pasturepig #pastureraisedpork #loveyourbacon #treatthemwell #lovestock #morethanfood #blessed #realfarming #agdaily#farmerlove #myheart #truejoy #dowhatyoulove #blessed #thanyoujesus #goodstuff

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"Now seeds, start growing!" Behind every good farmer, is the desire to give your seeds what they need to grow. Snapping this pic the other day with Clint as we were checking on some crops, made me think of one of my favorite story series from teaching first grade. "Frog and Toad: The Garden" by Arnold Lobel. And though Toad's methods for seed growth (shouting, poems, music) are a little different than my farmer's (fertilizer, rolling, constant vigilance), I love to see the dedication and the parallels to their planting. Get growing seeds, we're patiently waiting! #teachertalk #brandnewfarmwife #agdaily #agmorethanever #montanaag #mtfarmer #frogandtoad #firstgradeadventures #behindeverygoodfarmer #bestofmontanaag #nowseedsstartgrowing #ranchlife

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Sunrise No. 18

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