Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from May 14


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for May 14. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

Timeless. He speaks through tobacco stained lips, wisdom and wit falling with every word. Cultivating more than fields sprouting more than crops. At ninety one, a lifetime of knowledge under leathery skin. He hasn't stopped, there's much more work at hand. Today he will climb back on the tractor, he'll check his crops, plant more seed, he'll ask about the calf prices. He will scratch the kitty on the head, trim up the orchard, fix the axle on the baler and harvest something for dinner. He is farming. Personified. #farmer #pioneer #builtthiscountry #truewisdom #lifelessons #life #rugged #agricultural #agdaily #growhope #growmorerhancrops #wisdom #sharewhatyoulove #knowsthings #generations #depth #leathery #original #oneofakind #bestfriend #blessed

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Becoming a mother was the most shell-shocking, earth-shattering and challenging experience that has ever happened to me. I consider myself pretty tough and this little girl and our new way of life have rocked me to my core – which is good and bad. Good because our lives are so much richer and we love her to the sun and back, but bad, because it’s forced to overcome some of our selfishness and give up things we love so we can be good parents. It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes. • I believe that all mothers are working mothers, because there isn’t a single thing about motherhood that is easy, but the combination of being a full-time working mom, a rancher, cowgirl and also trying to do all of my other passions (running, gardening, KEEP Collective) has been more difficult than I could’ve ever imagined. • Here are two different glimpses of Mother’s Day for us. All dressed up and doing our best to stay collected and the other view is what every farm and ranch mom learns to manage – how to get work done with cows, horses, sheep, pigs, crops etc while also keeping an eye on our kids to make sure they’re safe. We also try to raise them to be good humans with manners, responsibility, work ethic and compassion – all of which are abundant in our ag community and lifestyle. It’s near impossible to be a good land and livestock steward if you don’t work hard, be accountable and have compassion. • I guess the point of this is that motherhood is hard. It’s hard on farm and ranch moms, it’s hard on urban moms. We are all doing our best to raise good kids and not tear our hair out, cry our eyes dry and run ourself ragged. To all the moms – biological, step, foster, surrogate, hopeful and so many others – thanks for being there and building good kids for our communities and society. • Happy Mother’s Day from our ranch to your home! • • • #momlifebelike #mama #farmher #farmlife #myksfarmlife #mothersday #ranchkids #toddlerlife #momminainteasy #raisedright

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Layin' down some herbicide today for a customer!

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Just had to post #farmlife? #chevysilverado2500hd #horsepower @rush_farm_s

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Planting beans 2018 . . . . #farmer #farmher #agriculture #agdaily #plantingbeans #johndeere

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