Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from May 20, 2020


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for May 20. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your Instagram pics with #agdaily.

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It was the first day of planting season. I wasn’t feeling all, but if there’s work to be done, well there’s work to be done. I spent the afternoon helping Casey get the planter ready. Even though I didn’t feel good, there’s nothing I love more than working with my hands and getting a little dirty. We filled up and headed north to the field. It was the first pass around the field, I was following behind on the 4-wheeler to take photos. We got to the corner and I called Casey. I said, “hey…uhh, do you plan on digging in a couple places to make sure everything’s going in okay?” I could tell in his voice he wasn’t planning on it and he probably wanted to wait a little bit longer. I responded and said, “well, there’s some seeds on the ground back here in line with a row and it’s more than I would consider normal, I think we should maybe double check in case a hose isn’t hooked up or something else is wrong.” I know enough to be dangerous but not near enough to be an expert, although I knew something was off. Turns out, a hose was unhooked in row 6 (idk why I remember the row but I do 🙈🤷🏽‍♀️). We ran into some other technical issues that night (because that’s #farmlife), but God sure as heck painted a beautiful sky line for us to admire and take in. I think about this day kind of like quarantine. I’ve had some really, really rough days and some really great days. Some frustrating moments and some happy moments. I miss my friends dearly but I also love some of the alone time I’ve gained (#introvertedextrovert – anyone else?!). But, at the end of the day, it’s all in God’s hands. You can make as many plans as you want, but it’s His timing, His purpose and His plan that will prevail. ♥️

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Melt my heart. 💗

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