Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Oct. 28, 2019


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Oct. 28. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your Instagram pics with #agdaily.

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Talk to God on 'em We get lost on 'em Find our way to a rocky mountain top on 'em We get stuck on 'em Fall in love on 'em Rough around the edges, just like us That's why I love dirt roads Make the world turn real slow Feel the gravel letting go It's stirring up my soul That's why I love running wild Through country miles They're out of style They take a while But every winding ride'll lead me home That's why I love dirt roads — That's Why I Love Dirt Roads by Granger Smith __________________________ #country_features #countryroads #rsa_country #country_vibe #agdaily @iowa_agriculture @agriculture_worldwide #american_agriculture_ @usa_agriculture #ruralexposures #farmcountry #trb_rural #rsa_rural #wildruralcollective #backroad_visions #takeabackroad #graveltravel #sunsetsniper #sunsetmadness #sunset_vision #gameoftones #thisisiowa #scenicroute #highlightiowa #exploreiowa #iowagrams #aroundiowa #onlyiniowa @capture_iowa @515grammers @iowatography_ig #ig_iowa #nocoastcollective #midwest_captures @midwestlivingmag #goandcapturethelight #iowafarmer

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“Mommy, I think maybe TODAY I’m 6 years old.” . “Oh really??”. . “Yeah. So I can probably drive grain cart for Daddy now.” . . Kendrick has been riding countless hours in the grain cart during harvest season. Carefully watching. Asking questions. Bound and determined that 6 is the magical age when he’ll be Daddy’s right-hand man in the tractor. . . Don’t be in such a hurry, Son. I’m loving your little 3-year-old self! ❤️. . . . . . . . #kansasfarmer #soybeanharvest #lifeonthefarm #farmlifeisthebestlife #lifeisbetteronthefarm #livingthecountrylife #iamcountryside #lovecountrylifestyle #familyfarms #familyfarming #familyfarm #myfarm #harvest2019 #growingupcountry #farmkids #countrykids #countrykidsfun #farmkid #farmkidlife #agmorethanever #agdaily #iamyourfarmer #countrysideandfarmlife #farmerboy #mycountrycapture #thankafarmer #happyfarmily

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My pretty girl Violet. It has been a rough few weeks with this girl. Some of you may remember a few weeks ago we had the vet out because at some point this spring/summer Violet cut herself between her claws (toes) and it eventually developed into what was essentially proud flesh. We had to sedate her and cut the proud flesh out from between her claws (toes) and give her an antibiotic shot. She went from my gentlest cow to barely allowing me to touch her. The vet said the bandage would fall off of her foot in a few days. It didn’t. The vet wrap started to cut into her foot and she wouldn’t even let me close to her. I finally, FINALLY got it off of her foot Sunday and even though she knocked me on my butt doing it I was just relieved to have it off. I cleaned it out with some antiseptic and I’m happy to report she’s finally healing. She’s gained most of her weight back from when she was poorly and is even letting me touch her everywhere besides the foot. I’m sure she’ll gain her trust back but it’s difficult to explain to animals that you’re trying to help them, they only know that if you touch something when it’s hurting that it causes pain. This can become quite dangerous when the animal in question is 1200 lbs. Luckily Violet wasn’t trying to kill me and just knocked me on my butt, which for her was just a flick of her head. It’s important to remember that no matter how gentle your cow (or other large animal) is, they are still extremely large and strong and you are a very small human compared to them. But I still love this gentle (ish) giant of mine 🖤

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