Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Sept. 13, 2019


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Weโ€™ve been fortunate enough to have a great growing season this year. Even with Fall rapidly approaching our range land is still bustling with green grass and healthy plant growth. This is partly due to the blessings of Mother Nature, but another reason is our ranches practice of rotational grazing.. . We were out moving cattle the other day and I happened to snap a photo of the fence line of our rotationally grazed pasture vs our neighbors continuous grazed. . Photos like this help highlight how important animal management is for increasing land productivity. When managed properly ruminant grazing not only helps promote plant regrowth, but actually helps sequesters carbon making livestock a huge benefit to the environment.. . Seeing photos like this make me proud to be a rancher knowing that weโ€™re doing our small part to ensure healthy land for our future generations to enjoy. . Swipe to see the difference between the two grazing methods. It really is astounding ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป๐ŸŒพ . . . . . . #regenerative #regenerativeag #ag #rotationalgrazing #pasture #greengrass #grasslands #greenpasture #green #rainfall #mothernature #nature #outside #spring #summer #weather #cattle #environment #sustainableliving #sustainableagriculture #ranchwife #farmwife #womeninag #midwest #midwestlife #midwestbloggers #midwestmoment #midwest_captures #midwestliving #midwestsnaps

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Frisky Friday! โŠ โŠ Yโ€™all voted for some behind the scenes! So Sunday will be the first day for that! I will try my best to get some videos or photos! โค๏ธ And then again hopefully Monday when we get a load in! โŠ โŠ #horse #equine #horsephotography #equinephotography #equinephoto #horsephoto #western #english #gelding #mare #foal #colt #stud #stallion #photography #canon #horsefarm #farmlife #nebraska #farmliving #agriculture #ruralliving #rural #country #countryliving #agdaily #cowboy_features #agriculture #ag #farming #ranching #ruralliving #rural #nebraska

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King of the hill, cow style. . . Nothing too out of the ordinary this week. Weve been getting some mild thunderstorms which have been calming. . . Speaking of stormsโ€ฆitโ€™s the 14 year anniversary of the tornado that hit our house and property. It happened only 17 days after moving in. It was devastating. Hearing the sound of the windows breaking, the door blowing in, the howling wind, the cats running inside, seeing the treetops touching the ground in the light from all of the lightning, and that โ€œfreight trainโ€ sound we heard while running to the basement was part of what caused me to be the most scared I have ever been. . . Cleanup took weeks and months. There was a lot of fighting with insurance for my parents. The huge machine shed was gone. It was sucked up and thrown towards the house, hitting a tree shattering it to pieces. Everything that was against the shed walls never even moved. Hay wagons were mangled, a nearby barn had all of its shingles and nails in our lawn. The grain bin went into the wind and was found 1/4 mile away. The forest was gone; trees completely twisted with grass and machine shed metal stuck into it. . . There was no warning with this storm. It came out of nowhere I believe as a result of weather changes from Hurricane Katrina. I hope nobody has to experience anything like this. Our yard felt like it became a historical landmark. People we didnโ€™t know, even people we did, would drive into our yard and circle around to look at the damage since we had the worst damage from the storm. The only place that was worse off was someone who lost their home to a fire that night caused from a fallen power line. They were all fine and lived in a hotel for a while until they rebuilt. . . I get nervous every time the weather turns bad nowโ€ฆa little bit of PTSD that Iโ€™ll probably have for the rest of my life, but itโ€™s gotten better than it was for that first year. Who else has been through a natural disaster like a tornado?

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