Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Sept. 4, 2019


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We all know one. The Boss babe. The hustler, dream chaser, goal slayer. I bet you also know that other woman. You know, the one our culture calls average. That brave girl who settled. She's responsible, practical, and pragmatic, but "uninspiring". Since when did killing ourselves running a million different ways from Sunday make us inspirational? Why isn't ok to just be happy with an average career and staying with the same spouse til death- do- you- part? When did being responsible mean we can't also be awesome? Exhausted. Stressed. Burnt out. So many women- myself included- feel this way. We stress over how we look, what we say, how many zeroes are on our paychecks. We are exhausted working and raising babies and worrying whether or not we should aspire to shatter the glass ceiling. For what? When was the last time you saw a guy worrying about scheduling playdates and cooking a three course gourmet meal and selling cosmetics and managing adults and paying bills and doing laundry and buying groceries and making sales calls and throwing online parties and writing self help books and, and, and.. I mean seriously! When was the last time you saw a man fall into a depression because he didn't get as many likes on an Instagram post as hoped and made him question every life choice he's ever made? The answer is, probably never. Ladies, your worth isn't based on how much you get done in a day. It shouldn't be measured by how many people you know or how much money you make a company- or don't make. Whether you live up to motivational quotes on your vision board or not, you are still enough. Take care of yourself and make yourself a priority. Don't live a life where the only thing your family can put on your tombstone is "She killed herself trying to be perfect. She died trying to be everything for everyone except herself. Her world revolved around her interpretation of success. The End". I think we owe ourselves and our daughters a better story ending than that. ❤ Richelle

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