Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Sept. 6, 2019


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The last day of irrigation is a funny thing to try to predict. We actually haven’t irrigated in over a month 😱 buuut we had no idea it was going to rain so much in August! And I didn’t want to miss out on another opportunity to watch this handsome farmer tolerate yet another letter board pic! So, here we are. #HesTheBest What a year (or not) for irrigation. On average, we put on 8-10 inches of water a growing season with the pivots. This year we only put on 1.5 inches or less. You’d think we would’ve had fewer breakdowns since, in retrospect, we hardly even used the pivots. 🤔 The middle of July got pretty hot and dry so we went ahead and laid out some pipe on a few pivot corners… jokes on us I guess because it rained and poured and now we get to pick all that pipe back up. 😬 Farming in Nebraska is a funny thing when it comes to the weather. We’re usually praying for rain constantly. This year, we found ourselves praying for a break from the rain and for some hot, dry sunny days. Overall, we’re always thankful for the moisture, but boy did this year challenge us. We’re just ready to get the dang crops out of the field already! Bring on #harvest19 🌽💦🌽💦🌽 #Irrigation #MyFarmMyYield #AgDaily #Farm365 #FarmFocused #Grow19 #BringOnHarvest #KnowYourFarmer #RowCropGang

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