Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Dec. 18


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Dec. 18. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

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Farm girls make the world go round. My aunts and my Mom (center) are all Wisconsin farm girls, and they are each incredible people. My Aunt Brenda is the most joyful person in the world. My Aunt Lisa is the most outgoing person I know. And my Mom is the kindest person I know. All three of them have each other's qualities, as they are sisters, and they had the best Mom of their own. Imagine having these women in your life as a young girl…Every holiday or family gathering they fill the house with love and laughter. They help you solve any problems you have from childhood and beyond. They care for each other, and share that caring nature with you. These three are each my Wonder Woman, each my hero. Be sure to share some love with your heros. They deserve it. #wonderwomen #farmher

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Dear Santa ??: I’ve been a very good boy this year ? I’m totally potty-trained indoors, eat my salad ? twice a day, am super nice to the two little piglets ?? in the house, and blow my mama air kisses ? when she rubs my belly. For Christmas, please stop by my farm and bring some delicious apples ? and grapes ? (they make me do a happy dance ?). And more blankets…I love those things ❤️ Yours truly, PW? • • Sharing the lil’ man’s list ? for my fellow pig lover, Chrissy @finally_a_farmgirl for #funnyfarmerfriday ?‍? Does this also count for #25daysofcuteness, Rhonda @smallscaleandswanky? ?? Happy #friyay friends!! • • #peeweesbigadventure #pigsofinstagram #julianapig #pigsofig #funnyfarm #minipig #piglet #holidaylove #holidayfeels #pigstagram #cutenessoverload #12daysofchristmas #buzzfeedanimals #christmaspictures #country_features #cuteanimals #farmlife #farmlifebestlife #iamcountryside #ilovepigs #farmanimals #lifeonthefarm #christmasham #peeweethepig #newburyfarms

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Show season has begun! #ffa #goatshow #goats

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The stare down for the feed… #cattleofinstagram #eatbeef

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