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Not every five year old gets to pick up a bottle lamb after school! This little Jacob's Sheep ewe was rejected by her mama and the owner had a trip scheduled, so we jumped in to help. Lambs need fed every four hours, around the clock and through the night initially. A bottle lamb thrives on mama's milk, but when that isn't possible milk from another ewe is best. If that can't be obtained, raw whole cows milk is the next best thing. Since not everyone has a cow in the back yard a good, reliable brand species specific milk replacer would be the choice. It's often believed the powdered milk replacer isn't good for babes. Those replacers though have come a long, long way and they are now made with.The exact nutrient, fat and calorie content of mothers milk. The problems that lead to the myth of them being sub par stem from using a multi species replacer, not mixing exactly or properly, feeding an incorrect temperature and other human error. Getting vital colostrum either frm a mama or in a paste or powder is also crucial to successes. It's full of antibodies that protect baby and strengthens immune systems! Giving baby a.fighting'start! Raising a bottle baby takes lots of dedication, but it's a wonderful hands on experience of selfless love. FarmHer Raye has raised several babes with little help from mom and dad! She's on her way to becoming a great, compassionate farmer! What type bottle babies have you raised? #bottlelamb #lambofinstagram #lamblove #jacobssheep #dedicated #hardwork #toocute #animalcare #selfless #herewego #again #agdaily #farm365 #compassionatefarming #ethicalsustainable #raisedright #agvocate #agriculture #barnlife #farmerstyle #bottlebaby #blessings #littlejoys #kidfarmer #4h

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