Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Feb. 6


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Feb. 6. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!


The road sucked, but the view was perfect. ?

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Racing around barefoot and bareback on a small Mongolian horse (they don’t like being called ponies ?), as the sun set over the mountains, was a feeling of immense freedom and overflowing joy that I’ll never forget. . . As much as I love being at home with the cows, I get antsy to experience culture (agriculture specifically) in other countries. Learning no matter how different we may think we are from people in other countries, we are really very similar. Cow love is universal – I loved seeing the locals’ yaks and they loved seeing pictures of mine. They did think it was pretty silly to clip, blow them off, and make them stand pretty for pictures though! . . #mongolia #kazakh #wanderlust #agriculture #agdaily #agmorethanever #cattle

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? I debated hard and long about posting this… it is upsetting & I don’t like looking at it any more then you do. But im tired of defending myself daily, as I know many of my farming friends on ig are… • • •This is why we take calves away from their mothers. (Skip to section 4 before you get all fired up and lippy. ???) • • 1. DAIRY cows are not meant to be mothering. BEEF cows are. A dairy cows natural instinct is not to care for a young calf… It is to care for mostly, herself. 2. Beef cows give the perfect amount of milk for their calf. Dairy cows milk SO much more then their calf needs, that if she let’s him drink, he will get sick with scours (a condition that eventually leads to the calf pooping himself to death.) • • 3.The baby behind the gate is being TAKEN AWAY from his mom, fed a nice warm bottle of colostrum (nutrient rich milk that will help him get a great start on life), blow dried with a hair dryer, given a coat, and sent to live in a warm hutch that gets fresh bedding twice a week. • • 4.The calf I blurred is DEAD. That’s right, I said it. It’s DEAD. Not because of me. Not because of some slaughter house….because his own MOTHER stomped on him. She crushed that poor baby faster then I could get in there and chase her off of him. There’s not much you can do when a 1400lb animal decides something… • • •If you do not understand something, ask. If you do not care what the answer is, then sit down, shut your mouth, and mind your own business. As with all my posts, If you leave a negative comment, it will not be fully read and you will be blocked. • • • •#mindyoowndamnbusiness #gotmilk #farmlife #familyfarm #dairyfarm #feedlot #larsonfarms #cowsofinstagram #gains #growth #beastmode #love #instagood #cute #beautiful #pretty #peaceful #happy #follow #dairylife #midwestisbest #americasdairyland #dairystrong #proudfarmer #farmher #farmphotographydaily

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The girls like newest farm boy. ??

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