Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from March 20


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Welcome to the world little Rufus

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Let's be honest. Calving is kind of fun for about the first 5 days. Babies are cute and all, but then it's just work. Checking cows every 2 hours. Walking through slop, on ice, through mud and muck because the corrals are anything but dry. Pulling calves, and loading up to go to the vet when things go south. Being wet, bone-aching exhausted. Feeding. Tagging. Over and over again… It gets old. Everyone gets crabby, cows get bitchy, and you live in a state of tiredness like a fog that settles in. You get a little twitchy, always ready to jump and run when momma decides she ain't bluffing this time. The house smells like cow shit, the dog smells like cow shit, food has no taste and the vacuum doesn't even make an appearance. The wash machine runs nonstop. I know it looks so fun, those pictures of sweet baby bovine make everyone want to be a rancher. The truth, though, is that calving is 60-75 days of a disgusting, torturous kind of hell we choose to put ourselves through year after year. Because we truly love this life, even when it tries to kill us. ??♥️

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