Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from March 21


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Friends stay by your side no matter the cost. Some kids have dogs, cats or gerbils, this farm kid has a six hundred pound pig. As Rosie approached birthing time he made sure she wasn't alone, essentially living in the barn the last several days. There's a special bond between these two, Rosie could often be found tuckling straw up and around him as he dozed and he could be caught sneaking her a bit of his lunch. Love grows deep on the farm. #caretaker #friendsalways #sticktogether #buddies #farmkid #barnlife #bestlife #tendermoments #careforyouranimals #loverunsdeep #pigsofinstagram #piglets #4H #bootsandroots #farmlifebestlife #farmliving #kidswhocare #raisedright #aglifestyle #aglife #agdaily #farmfamily #funtimes #makememories #pasturepigs #porkdoneright #choosebetter

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I have been using this National Ag Day to reflect on why we as farmers do what we do. Sometimes it seems like farmers are fighting battles on all fronts. Conventional vs organic. GMO vs Non-GMO. Animal Ag vs Plant based. Low prices. Mother Nature. Rising costs. But I think one thing holds true for ALL farmers across the country. No matter what we grow or produce, we want to provide wholesome, nutritious foods for families to enjoy at their dinner table. Farmers shed their blood, sweat and tears to provide that meal. Getting up long before the sun was up and working long past the 5pm clock out. Planting acres and acres of land hoping it will rain so that they can grow a profitable crop. Tending to their animals every day with feed and water and caring for the ones in need. Being there to help a struggling cow through a hard labor or a new calf with its first bottle. Farmers do all this because they love working their land and raising their cattle. And above all, farmers want to provide families with readily available food that is some of the safest and most nutritious in the world. #nationalagday #undeniablydairy To continue reading, click the link in my profile.

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learning others’ agriculture story and helping share that, is one of my favorite things to do. today, I spent time with a farmer who is about to start his 45th crop and listening to the lessons he’s learned while watching him smile ear to ear, made my entire week! working with dedicated and humble farmers like him is why I love this industry and am so grateful to do what I do. • agriculture has been in my blood since I was born. I spent hours and hours in our barn growing up with the cattle, hogs and rabbits, and learning from my cousins in the field. growing up on a family farm created so many lessons, memories and bruised knees that I wouldn’t trade for the world. moving 956 miles away from that to start a new life in nebraska wasn’t an easy choice but I’m so thankful for the community I’ve gained here and the life I have. I still phone home to grandpa to get weather and crop updates often 🙂 I consider myself pretty darn lucky to work for farmers every single day and spend the weekend’s around my boyfriend’s family farm. • take time today to share a little about your ag story and why the industry is important to you! • • • • • • • #farm #nationalagday #farmlife #farmher #farming #communityovercompetition #midwest #harvest #agriculture #farmer #agdaily #nebraskaphotographer #farmphotography #farmphotographydaily #foodforlife

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