Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from March 7


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for March 7. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

Pretty morning sunrise. Even the dang snow was pretty, sparkling in the sun.

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@m.gross04 has the cutest ducklings! It was hard not to steal one!

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More pics from the weekend. Wudda gonna do?‍♀️

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Look at this cutie! She’s just making sure she looks good for pictures. #agdaily

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Just a girl and her calf (MAC). #ffa #gilaridgeffa #calf #fairbound?

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#agdaily #sunsets

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This man is the embodiment of hard work and loyalty. He’s a cowboy, but for him that means a lot more than riding rank horses and roping cows. For most of his life, he has cared for another man’s cattle. Pulled calves in the frigid cold and made sure their bellies were full when drought made grass scarce. He is an avid learner, soaking up knowledge of the land and the ecosystems that exist around him. I don’t know many men who would dig through cow patties to find a dung beetle, but he will, because that beetle means nutrients are returning to the soil. I’ve been told he often knows what a cow will do even before she does, and his skill and knowledge of horses is something hard to come by these days. On top of all this, he has been a teacher, a coach, a feed yard worker, a mechanic, an oil-field educator, and above all else a strong and steady husband and father. I’m proud to call him Dad. #marleeberryphotography #portrait #cowboy #westernhorseman #texas #rugged #wrangler #cattle #ranch #photography #noblefoundation #oklahoma

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