Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Oct. 29, 2020


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for October 29. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your Instagram pics with #agdaily.

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Fall is my favorite! Even the gray days 🙂 #farmkids #jacobsheep #freerangekids #sheep #fall #sky #supportsmallbusiness #supportsmallfarms #shoplocal #buydirect #hogwashfarm #norwichvt

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Fun Fact #1: My husband only yelled at me one time working cows yesterday – BOOM? – I call that a WIN!??. Can any other ranchHERS relate? Fun Fact #2: We literally worked SUN UP ▶️ SUN DOWN yesterday, and the #reward = light show put on by the MONTANA BIG SKY (kept us mesmerized forever!!). I felt like Moses at the Burning Bush when I saw our Golden Willow tree lit up, and that tree has quite a history. (See my story) #incredible Fun Fact #3: We not only got our calves shipped, with some great neighbors helping out, but also FINALLY captured “Diego” the mean Longhorn bull, with the help of some good lookin’ old ladies? (see story highlights), all before dark?. Fun Fact #4: I witnessed my 7 year old granddaughter’s brilliant math mind and memory at work. How she can multiply and add multiple numbers in her head blows my mind. Fun Fact #5: It’s actually a question: Is it ok to cry with the momma cows?? #cows #sunset #montanaskies #bigskycountry #rancher #farmranchlife #bestinthewest #godscountry

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These seeds, both the red clover and ryegrass, have been in the ground for six days. Normally we like to have clover planted in September or at the latest early October and ryegrass by mid October. Well this year has been anything but normal. Even with this LATE planting date (and a night that hit a low of 23 degrees F) these little seeds are getting up and growing. . There’s a lesson to be learned from these little seed. They’ve got some tough conditions, it’ll be cold and wet for months, they’ll have slugs going after them, they’ll be frosts and freezes, but these little seeds are going to do their best to grow in spite of it all.

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This barn may be old, but the views of it never get old! #VisitPepinCounty ?: @amfmgirl

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Life is better on the ranch #agproud #agmorethanever #agphotography #cattlerancher #cattlefarm #cows #bred #canadianagriculture #canadianfarmers #mbbeefproducers #farmphotography #farm

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