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We start feeding all this hay today! A momentous day that marks the biggest change between summer and winter ranching for us. The appreciation for having all this feed is not taken lightly. Growing and putting up good quality hay is an art and a science that takes a lifetime to learn and perfect. We are lucky to have a father/son team who put up our hay with the same care and attention and quality as their own hay. It takes skill and knowledge in every step- from planting and growing and irrigating, which we do most of the manual labor for but they advise us on doing it right. Then they take over to swath it at the right time of growth, let it cure on the ground until the moisture content is just right (too much or too little can cause it to mold or spontaneously combust and burn down your hay barns), rake it into rows, compress it into flakes and then into a 115-125 pound hay bale tied by three strands of baling twine. Then it's picked up by a harrow bed to form big blocks of alternately stacked hay bales and the whole blocks are stacked neatly in the hay barns under cover from the elements. Now that the pastures have been grazed down and winter won't provide any new growth, we start feeding this alfalfa and hay to the cattle and sheep every day, twice a day. No more "lazy days" of summer – the muscle in feeding the animals starts today! 🌱💪🏼🐃 #ranchlife #winterranchlife #feedingtime #throwinghay #twiceaday #farmfit #crossfit #forreals #fivemarysfarms photo by @joyprouty ✨

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Ranch kids have their own set of quirky tendencies, traits, and skill sets. • Because I currently have first-hand experience with this special breed of youngster, I have observed said quirky tendencies, traits, and skill sets and come up with the following humorous guide. You might be raising ranch kids if… • Atop their list of priorities is riding their horses. If they had their way they’d ride rain, shine, sleet or snow from dawn ’til dusk every. single. day. • They are able to fall asleep anywhere – on bags of chicken feed, on the ground in the shade of a pickup after a long day of vaccinating, seriously – anywhere. • At the ripe old age of five, they have a firm grasp of reproduction. Because – breeding season. It is a sort of jaw floor moment when you first learn of their knowledge on the birds and the bees. But then – then, you remember bulls, breeding season, and the countless hours they spent in the pasture with you. • Spotting “their” calves in a herd of nearly 700 head of pairs is no big deal. It’s ranch kid Where’s Waldo. And they are the champions. • They have a never-ending supply of new, unique names for each calf they claim. And they correct you when you call their calves by the wrong names. • It is imperative that you keep close tabs on them when you go to town because they will drop trow and pee outside. You also feel it necessary to warn anyone who might take them out in public, and any innocent bystanders, about their tendency to err on the side of public urination. • There is legitimate distress and concern expressed in the form of a full on flailing tantrum, when they do not get to rise and shine at the butt crack of dawn to go to work with whichever parent left without them. Note to self: Do not try to be nice and let them sleep in… • Continue reading in the comments. ••• #ranchkids #stormykromer #mystormy #beautiful #nebraskasandhills #ranchlife #makemoments #documentyourdays #photosinbetween #liveauthentic #canon #canonphotography #prettypresets #nebraskaphotographer #nebraska #nebraskalife #faithfamilyandbeef

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Sorry I’ve been MIA, but it’s been quite an eventful weekend! 💁On Saturday, we took a little road trip to NJ to expand our herd. Say hello 👋 to Marshmellow (our wether, 1st pic) and our breeder buckling, Philippe (2nd pic)! Both boys are so sweet, well-behaved, and very interested in getting to know our goatie girls 💕🐐🐐🐐💕 Even the chickens love them 😂 • Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow for much time exploring outdoors ☹️💨⛈ Sunday brought a monsoon, and we’ve been in/out of power ever since! All animals 🐐🐓were safely locked up during the storm, and luckily this afternoon got a chance to enjoy a bit of sunshine☀️ There’s some cleanup to be done here🌲🍂, but no serious damage 🙏 And of course, my little “farmhand” 👦 was up all night long coughing and wheezing with a cold that just won’t quit, so we visited our pediatrician today 😷🤧 Can’t miss out on trick-or-treating tomorrow! 👻🎃👹😈 • Hope everyone had a great Monday!! 🤗 Keep your eyes 👀 peeled as I’ll be posting this week’s woesome winners for #moltmadnessmondays 😉 • • • #goats #goatsofinstagram #goatsofig #goatlife #goatfarm #buck #bucklife #goatbreeder #wether #crazygoats #agdaily #iamcountryside #barnyardanimals #endangeredspecies #heritagebreeds #goatkeeping #funnyanimals #arapawagoats #caprine #farmanimals #farmlife #chickensofinstagram #lifeouthere #modfarm #newburyfarms #newburyfarmsgoats

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