Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Oct. 6


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Oct. 6. Want to get listed? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

Home, home on the range. Breakfast views don't disappoint at the Magee Lodge. Regram @krkernaghan

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QuietWean Year 4 || This is the 4th year we’ve used the QuietWean nose flap method to wean our calves from the cows. If you’re unfamiliar with the method, it is a low stress method to wean calves. We ‘install’ the yellow nose flaps by clipping them on to the septum of the calves’ noses and keep them in for about 5-7 days. These flaps prevents the calves from being able to suck on the cows, but still allows them to be with their moms—making the weaning process less stressful on both the calves and the cows. The calves are still able to eat grass, drink water, and lick mineral. There are a few smarty pants that learn how to suck (see pic 7 & 8), but for the most part, the calves get frustrated from trying to nurse with the flaps in their nose so they just go about eating grass and doing big cow things. Tomorrow we will sort the calves from the cows, take out their nose flaps, vaccinate the calves, and they will be fully weaned. We have seen a great reduction in sickness in our calves because they aren’t stressed about not being with their moms which equals less antibiotics being administered. We have also seen less weight loss because the calves already know that they need to eat grass and hay! And the best part is that the calves aren’t bawling all day and night for their moms for which is heavenly for Dylan and I, since the corrals and pasture we keep the calves is right next to our house! What method do you use to wean your calves? #ranchlife #quietwean #montana #bestofmontanaag #hereford #angus #baldy #sustainableagriculture #familyfarm #sustainablefood #feedthe9 #farmtotable #mtbigskyseries #montanamoment

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Had some #harvest17 helpers this afternoon. #familyfarm #whitecorn #corn #food #fuel

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TGIF!! Have a good day friends. ?

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With coffee in hand, rain can’t stop #harvest17 #farmlife #farmdog #shellingcorn #stewartseeds #americanfarmer

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We had to pull a calf this morning from a first time momma (a heifer) who was stuck in labor and starting to be in distress. It was a happy result with a healthy baby girl! It was a really big calf and it just wasn't progressing so we brought the momma into the corrals and in the cattle squeeze so we could help her in delivery. We thought the calf had already died in the birth canal but when we saw the tongue move we knew it was still hanging on and it was GO TIME! Lots of pulling and muscle and encouragement and we got a big healthy calf out. The momma had to be put in a small pen to start bonding with it but both are happy, walking around and gonna be just fine. We don't always get this result – but when we do it's cause for big smiles all around! (The whole start to finish is documented in my Instagram story right now, thanks to @jannastonebarger and her boys for the video recording and moral support!) #ranchlife #calvingseason #goodresult #luckybabynumber90 #itsagirl #calfpulling #heiferdoulas #fivemarysfarms

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Another day of #Soybean #harvest17 is in the books. #ThomasFarms

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