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Australian farmer honors late aunt with heart-shaped sheep art


For the past two years, the coronavirus has changed the way we work, live, play, eat, and go about our day-to-day activities. While we adjust to the rules and regulations, we are doing the best to honor and celebrate the big moments. For example, one Australian farmer could not attend his aunt’s funeral due to the pandemic limiting the attendees. However, he needed to grieve and he did so through the only way he knew how — sheep art. 

Ben Jackson, an Australian sheep farmer, was not able to attend his Aunt Deb’s funeral when she passed away last fall after her battle with cancer. Due to Australia’s strict pandemic rules, only 20 individuals were allowed at the funeral. In addition to the restrictions, Jackson would have had to cross state lines, which was also difficult due to the pandemic regulations. 

After missing the funeral and looking for a way to honor his aunt, Jackson decided to make a tribute. One day while feeding his sheep, he laid out the grain the grain in the shape of a heart. Jackson admits to Wall Street Journal that it took a few attempts since the first two resembled more of a poop shape verses the heart ( a joke that he knew his aunt would appreciate from up above).

However, the final result has us speechless. The video was played at his aunts funeral and has since we viral. 

“I just hope that when I did it, she was having a peep through the clouds and was able to see it,” Jackson told 7News in Sydney.

This is not the first time Jackson has created art with the help of his sheep. During previous droughts in Australia Jackson has created other symbols and logos. With the help of a few good farm dogs and some tasty grain, Jackson is able create his masterpieces. 

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