‘A Berry Good Project’ helps students understand farmers


When it comes to sparking an interest in agriculture in future generations, one of the best ways to start that is through the love of learning. “A Berry Good Project,” a free downloadable book geared toward third- to fifth-grade students, is now available from Feeding Minds Press. The book helps students understand farmers’ choices related to pest management. It also introduces students to careers in agriculture, including Extension agent and strawberry farmer.

“Children’s books are powerful tools to help students understand where their food comes from,” said Christy Lilja, executive director of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. “Engaging and accurate books about agriculture help children learn that food doesn’t just ‘come from the store.’”

Feeding Minds Press developed the new book, “A Berry Good Project,” with support from sponsor Nichino America.

“We’re pleased to help the Foundation’s important agricultural literacy goals,” said Jeff Johnson, NAI president. “Stories are a great way to introduce young students to new concepts. The publication of ‘A Berry Good Project’ is exciting and we hope to follow it with another.”

A summary of the book is below.

“Plants just grow, right? I mean, they’re everywhere. How much work can it be?”

When Rowan’s class is put in charge of the strawberry field this year, he thinks it will be all sweet reward. However, he quickly learns that humans aren’t the only ones around that love strawberries. With the project’s success on the line, Rowan’s class must think fast how to save the strawberry crop.”

Feeding Minds Press is a children’s book publishing venture from the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. To learn more, please visit their website. For any further questions, email inquiries may be sent to

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