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Best agriculture podcasts that bring food and farming to life


Food and farming are hot topics, and zeroing in on some of the best agriculture podcasts is a great way to stay connected

No matter where you’re from or what you do, surely you have a few hours of “mindless work” to do each week around the farm or rural property. Whether it’s spreading manure, feeding cows, cleaning water troughs, or picking rocks, you have some time where you can throw in some headphones and think about whatever you want to — and perhaps even listen to some of the best agriculture podcasts around!

Podcasts are hardly new, but their popularity is rising — not to mention that they are available on a wealth of platforms such as Apple, Google, Spotify, or Podbean, as well as from hosting sites such as Libsyn or Stitcher. There are podcasts for learning languages, getting caught up on news, or even just banter from a few people you like listening to.

Below are some of the best agriculture based podcasts available — at least my favorites and go-tos when I want to have something to listen to. They are podcasts that range from new ag tech, to pop media, to how to run an ag business. These podcasts are great for the oldest or the youngest farmer, no matter what you farm or where you farm it!

Our focus in this list is on active podcasts — meaning those that are still adding amazing episodes to their catalogs. There are several great agriculture podcasts that have come and gone over the years Check out some of these great ag podcasts:

Podcasts that cover all topics in agriculture

Shark Farmer

Host Rob Sharkey describes this podcast as “boundary-pushing” because of its wide variety of topics, guests, and his Howard Stern-like style of interview. Sharkey always pushes for more. He is fantastic at discussing and digesting controversial topics in ag today. Give this podcast a try if you want to exercise your mind and have a good laugh!

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • Episode 143 Fran Feekes, Strength and Courage: After I met Fran Feekus, I found myself in disbelief for most of this interview. How can someone so young be so damn strong? How is she able to share her story with no anger or remorse? I look at this young lady and find myself wanting to be more like her. This is the first part of a 2-part podcast. So please… listen, laugh, and yes, most likely shed a tear.
  • Episode 289: Kristyn Dickey conservative hippie: Kristyn Dickey got sick of the farm and went to school for communications and Spanish, but was quickly turned off when her classmates admitted that they thought cows were mythical creatures. Her story is about realizing that you can be successful, well known, and make a social difference right from the seat of the 4440!
  • Episode 197 Corbett Kull CEO of Tillable: The epic interview with Corbett Kull the CEO of Tillable and the “silence heard ’round the world.”
  • Episode 264: Larry Bucher dumbest guy in the room: Bucher grew up on his family’s farm, but always loved Wall Street. He went to NYC and worked for thirteen years before he rekindled his love of farming. Now Bucher is back in Indiana where he farms over a thousand acres with his family.

Off the Husk

Hosted by Zach Johnson (aka Millennial Farmer), Becky Johnson, and Randy Nessman, this podcast pulls in ag professionals and producers to chat about what’s going on. They feature professionals from all over, but the podcast always makes the listener feel like they’re at their favorite hometown bar having a drink with old friends. This cozy podcast is perfect for a rainy day.

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • There’s a BARE in the woods!: Zach’s dad, Nathan, joins us on the podcast to go Off The Husk and talk farm history, growing up in the 70’s, farm struggles and The Covid. We had some good laughs!
  • Speed Walking -When Lunch Hits at the Nursing Home: We go Off The Husk with small family farm “Freedom Farms-Travis and Chrissy Linden”. Travis is a combat veteran who had dreamed of owning and running his own farm since since he was a kid growing up in Southern Illinois. The military moved Travis and his family all over USA before Travis and Chrissy landed in Texas County Missouri. 

Midwest Farm Wives

Two busy moms and farm wives from Kansas and Missouri present an optimistic, real, and raw approach to survive farm life, motherhood, and so much more right from the heartland of America!

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • Ep 32- The one where the weather makes us or breaks us: We are know how much the weather can affect us as farmers. Seems we are gamblers and the weather is the dealer. To plant and tend to seeds solely on our faith that God will provide the right amount of rain and the right amount of sun is what farming is. And when things unpredictable happen and take away what we have worked so hard for, its a hard uncontrollable pill to swallow.
  • Ep 47- The one where we phone a friend: Look….no matter how strong we think we are, we always need somewhere to vent, voice frustrations or wins in the week and to hear someone else has felt the same. Sure our husbands are our best friends, but sometimes having another woman on the other end of the line and saving your husband more added stress is super important. Reach out to your friends, let them be your vault and bring yourself that added happiness from repour with another human. Phone a friend y’all, make the time in your busy day and do it.

What the Farm

Co-hosted by Rob Sharkey and Lesley Kelly, this podcast dives deep into the consumer and producer communication gap. Sharkey and Kelly bring in producers and ag professionals to talk about why they produce goods the way that they do. They provoke the answers to why rather than how. This is a great podcast for those who want to be on the consumer facing side of agriculture such as communication or marketing.

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • Episode 187: Andrew Campbell ButterGate: Andrew Campbell, also known as the Fresh Air Farmer became a leader in the ButterGate conversation. Campbell dives into what caused ButterGate, but also gives insight on what it feels like to be a social media influencer in the ag industry.
  • Episode 161 Fernando Machado CMO Burger King: Burger King Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado was at the center of a much-maligned ad as part of the #cowsmenu campaign. Sharkey and Kelly did use this opportunity to help bridge a gap in agriculture, which included striving to understand all sides of the story. They talked with Machado about whether it was prudent to build an advertising effort around unpublished science and whether there was intent to throw agricultural producers under the bus by hyping a still-nascent alternative food source. (Read more here.)

The Ag Comm Network Podcast

The goal of this podcast is straightforward: it’s all about sharing conversations with some of the most interesting people working in ag media. Thought leaders, trend setters, experts in a variety of areas. All people with a unique take on the news of the day (including AGDAILY’s editor for one episode on social media). 

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • Combining Science and Communication From AAEA Distinguished Service Award Winner Dr. Kevin Folta: An accomplished scientist at a young age, Dr. Kevin Folta, now chairman of the Horticultural Department at the University of Florida, combines science and communication to deliver impactful messages to students and the public. However, sharing those messages hasn’t always been easy.
  • Behind President Trump’s Interview with Sara Wyant of Agri-Pulse: Host Kelsey Litchfield talks with Sara Wyant of Agri-Pulse about her team’s coverage of ag policy and other agriculture related topics in Washington D.C. She also shares the details of her one-on-one interview with President Trump. Tune in to also hear Sara’s perspective of how ag media has changed since her start in the field.
  • Is History Repeating Itself?: Media ethics remain a big concern for consumers – and for journalists. In this episode, DTN Editor-in-Chief Greg Horstmeier and University of Illinois Ag Comms Professor Dr. Owen Roberts, discuss the history of ethics. They also talk about the blurry lines of advocacy vs. journalism, the issues of a 24/7 news cycle and information overload, plus, the need for professional ethics statements and documents, and more.

Podcasts about agricultural technology

Agriculture Technology

This unique podcast series is hosted by Tony Kramer, and it is a series all about equipment. Most episodes cover precision ag, field data management, and all things tractors. Perfect for the tractor guru waiting patiently for corn planting season to come around!

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • Episode 122: Granular Insights: I was a crop intern farm from home a while ago, and there was nothing more stressful than when I had to head to a new field! The landmarks that all the farmers knew were foreign to me, I didn’t know the road names, and I was completely surrounded by corn fields. Granular saved me so much time. Granular is easy to use, it puts the field coordinates right into Google maps, and it tracks field data for you. It is easy to use and it’s a life saver! This is a great episode, especially if you are looking for an app to help you organize field work and data.
  • Episode 64: The Economics of Precision Ag with the USDA: Guest David Schimmelpfennig, senior economist with the USDA’s Economic Research Service goes into how precision ag, specifically mapping technology, guidance systems, and variable rate application have made farmers more efficient.

Idle Chatter: Hot Rod Farmer

Host Ray Bohacz, otherwise known as the Hot Rod Farmer, is among the most in-depth and knowledgeable machinery guys around. Bohacz believes that successful farming often starts in the shop. Bohacz “talks shop” and discusses the new technology in equipment and things to keep in mind during maintenance. He goes through quick tips and tricks for fixing and storing equipment. Bohacz creates great podcasts for the men and women who love to work in the shop!

The episodes you can’t miss:

The Modern Acre Podcast

Hosts Tim and Tyler Nuss focus on the newest technologies in agriculture. From bitcoins to regenerative ag, they cover it all. They bring in professionals who are changing the food and ag industry both on and off of the farm. These brothers can help you develop a stronger business, and they show you how ag is online.

The episodes you can’t miss:

Podcasts about ag business

The Thriving Farmer Podcast

Hosted by Michael Kilpatrick, a farmer, presenter, and leader who wants to help farmers run efficient businesses. Episodes feature interviews with ag professionals and producers to help with Kilpatrick’s mission to inspire, educate and celebrate sustainable farming. Kilpatrick is a farm business consultant, and he wants to help all farmers not just survive, but thrive.

The episodes you can’t miss:

The Business of Agriculture

Hosted by Damien Mason, this podcast talks about ag economy and speculates how current events will shape the future of agriculture. Mason is passionate about helping farmers run better businesses, but he’s funny too! Mason studied comedy writing and improv before becoming a successful speaker. The popular bumper stickers that read “Agriculture — because starvation sucks” and “If you eat it, drink it, or smoke it, agriculture produced it” were made by him! If you’re in need of some business advice or you want a good laugh, check out this podcast.

The episodes you can’t miss:

Future of Agriculture

Tim Hammerich talks with the people, companies, and ideas shaping the future of agribusiness. If you are curious about innovations in AgTech, rural entrepreneurship, agricultural sustainability, food security, and so much more, then this is the show for you.

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • FoA 292: Real Talk on Regenerative Agriculture with Joe Bassett of Dawn Equipment and Underground Agriculture: Joe Bassett is the president and CEO of Dawn Equipment Company. Dawn makes smart soil-engaging products enabling farmers to plant seeds more precisely and prepare the soil with greater efficiency while using less fertilizer. They specifically focus on row crops like corn and soybeans. You’ll also hear us mention their sub-brand Underground Agriculture which focuses on cost effective products for Regenerative Agriculture, making several novel mechanical devices that empower farmers to maximize profit through healthy soil and cover crops.
  • FoA 281: Open Source Ag Technology with Brian Tischler of AgOpenGPS: Brian Tischler is a farmer in Alberta, Canada. He farms with his neighbor who he shares equipment with to cover a combined 2,500 acres of wheat, barley, oats, canola, flax, and peas. He started his career in the medical technology industry, which you’re about to hear more about, but then he bought his family’s farm when his dad was ready to retire in the mid ’90s.
  • FoA 238: 5 Barriers Limiting Agtech (and the companies breaking through them): As I reflected on the content from this past year, an insight became immediately clear: agtech has a long way to go. As much as we talk about the money that has poured into the industry and how much potential there is for the future of agriculture, progress has been, by most measures, slow. And change – in a lot of cases – has been minimal. This isn’t an indictment on anyone in the industry, instead it’s a statement that we all probably don’t say often enough: innovation is hard.

Podcasts about small-scale farming and startup

Farm Small Farm Smart

Hosted by Diego Footer, this is a podcast for the gardeners. Footer brings research and professionals in to talk about soil health and successful farming tactics, and how to market and sell your own products. He also dedicates a lot of time to helping his audience be more efficient, introducing tools to make the job quicker. This is a great podcast to listen to if you have a beautiful garden, or aspire to have one!

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • Episode 262: Running Very Profitable Self-Serve Farmstands: Guest Joel Konrad goes through how he got started selling produce in his farm stand, and how he now makes around $82,000 a year on sweet corn and pumpkins through his self-serve farm stands. Konrad explains how any farmer can run a successful self-serve farm stand.
  • Episode 244: Seeing the Other Person’s Point of View: Guest Justin Gay is an urban farmer in California who shares his feeling about the killing of Gworge Floyd. He also talks about what it’s like to be a black farmer in a predominantly white industry.

Grassfed Life

Also hosted by Diego Footer, this podcast is for aspiring livestock farmers who want to earn a living on the land doing what they love. Footer wants to help small farmers run efficient businesses and make money. Being small isn’t always easy, as margins are tight and resources are hard to find. Footer is an awesome resource for small farm owners!

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • The Rule of Thirds: This quick podcast goes through how to manage a pasture with grazing livestock, cows and poultry. It goes through some quick tips and offers resources on how to manage a pasture without paying for more fertilizer or seed stock.
  • How Fragile Is Your Business: This episode helps you to think critically about if your business could survive a recession, sales drop, and debt you can take on. Footer offers ideas and resources on how to make your business less fragile.

Podcasts about diversity and special interests

Young Farmers Podcast

Hosted by Lindsey Shute, the co-founder of the National Young Farmers Coalition, this podcast is a guide on how to be a farmer. It discusses mental health, family relations, how to grow, and pays attention to policies, programs and events that are shaping agriculture as we know it. If you’re a young farmer trying to make it on your own, or you’re coming back into the family business, this is a great podcast to listen to.

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • Remembering a Young Farmer: From Loss to Action with the Washington Young Farmers Coalition: Suicide rates among farmers and farm workers are higher than in any other occupation in the United States. We start this two-part series with the story of Justin McClane, who we lost to suicide in 2017. Our hope is that by telling Justin’s story, and sharing the powerful organizing his community of young farmers launched in response to his death, we can contribute to the effort to break down the stigma around mental and behavioral health, inspire policy change, and grow support for programs addressing the farmer mental health crisis in this country. 
  • Who Owns U.S. Farmland?: The biggest problem faced by farmers across the country is access to land. Who owns it, who rents it—it all has a big impact on the kind of food we grow and who has economic opportunity in rural communities. Young Farmers’ Land Access Program Director, Holly Rippon-Butler, sits down with Megan Horst, professor of urban studies and planning at Portland State University, to talk about who owns U.S. farmland, and whether or not this is shifting.

Female Farmer Project

This is hosted by Audra Mulkern, who is trying to shed light on what we often forget to talk about in agriculture: women. Mulkern interviews women with a variety of backgrounds and goals, but all of those brought on to the podcast are women who make a big impact on agriculture. Women have always played a key role in agriculture, but are seldom the face of farming. This podcast is full of insights to all sorts of farms around the world. If you want to learn about different farms, and women in ag, this is a great place to start!

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • The Grass Ceiling of Women in Ag and AgTech: Guest Amy Wu is a writer in the Ag and AgTech sphere, who wants people to know that there’s no such thing as a “farmer’s wife” because women are always involved in the farm somehow. Wu talks about her project From Farms to Incubators, and how it is unraveling the notion that women aren’t in agriculture.
  • Be Persistent, Don’t Give Up, Be the Best: Guest Mary Mooney of Mooney farms shares her story of taking on ownership of her nearly bankrupt family farm and turning it into a six million dollar company within five years. She talks about the struggles of being a female farmer and entrepreneur, but finding success in hard work.

Ag State of Mind

Hosted by Jason Medows, this podcast is here to spread awareness and help end the mental health crisis in the ag industry. Medows interviews both mental health professionals and ag producers. He hopes that sharing stories, research, and resources, will help those in need. This podcast is a must for all farmers.

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • ASOM – Ep 51 – Keri Medows – Eat Clean, Move Often: Jason’s wife, Keri Medows, and he decided to record a podcast while we were on vacation. Today they talk about their growth as a couple, Keri’s transition into farm life, and how they juggle all of the responsibilities in our life. 
  • ASOM – Ep 48 – Nathan Brown – Brown Farms: First-generation farms present their own unique blessings and challenges. Today’s guest, Nathan Brown, understands this very well. From growing up working on a neighbor’s farm to today owning and operating his own 1000+ acre operation, Nathan can speak in depth about the experience of a first-gen farmer.

Podcasts about niche methods

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food

Hosted by Koen van Seijen. Seijen brings in investors, investment fund managers, opinion leaders, farmers and scientists to discuss how to use our money wisely to regenerate soil, communities, and ecosystems. Seijen offers a space to learn about regenerative agriculture practices while making a fair return. He covers three main topics: why is regenerative agriculture important, how to invest in regenerative ag, and what to invest in to best suit you.

The episodes you can’t miss:

Vertical Farming

Hosted by Harry Duran, this podcast is dedicated to vertical farming; it’s challenges, advantages, and the experts in the field (or lack thereof!). Some guests on the series include the founder of Terra Firma Foods, the founder of Vertical Growth Farming Systems, and the CEO of Soli Organic. Vertical farming is on the rise, and this is one of the best podcasts out there to stay on top of it!

The episodes you can’t miss:

Feel-good shows


Hosted by Steve Savage, an agricultural scientist with years worth of experience in industry and academia, it combines agriculture with pop media. This series really can’t be pinned down with words, it’s a podcast you have to experience for yourself! Join Savage in his 20-minute episodes to be entertained always left with a smile.

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • Money for Nothing: Yes, the title is referring to Dire Straits’ hit song, Money for Nothing. Savage argues that we deliberately pay money for the lack of something. Labels on food have convinced consumers that the lack of something makes it better, but why? Savage talks about how consumers came to prefer the lack of ingredients.
  • The Scam: Savage explains what the “dirty dozen” list is, and why the Environmental Working group creates it. He then explains why we shouldn’t care. Savage offers resources from the USDA to prove that there’s no such thing as the “dirty dozen.”

TN Magic Moments

Host Lauren Henry connects every day moments with their roots in agriculture. This podcast encompasses the goals set out by Governor Bill Haslam. In 2012, Haslam challenged agricultural committees and universities within TN to make agriculture prosper. Henry and her team decided that to connect non-ag people with agriculture, they would discuss how everyday moments are made possible with agriculture. Topics range from holiday celebrations, to beer! You can’t have magic without a little ag!

The episodes you can’t miss:

  • The Ladies of Craft Beer: This episode is meant to celebrate women who are changing the beer industry. It goes through some neat beer facts, and allows you to meet some awesome women who are dominating the beer industry.
  • Rediscovering Hemp: How and Old Crop Became New: The 2018 farm bill legalized hemp, and re-wrote where CBD could be used. This episode gives you insights on how the hemp industry is growing in Tennessee, and an overview of hemp history, while getting to know some help experts in Tennessee.


Every good podcast (and every one on this list!) is going to have standout episodes, the ones that you want to talk about with your friends and family. But I have some true favorites, the ones that have stayed near and dear to my heart long after I listened to them. They are:

Pop Agriculture – Money for Nothing
Good music, great podcast, and makes you really think. You will never look at your grocery cart the same after listening!

Vertical Farming – Virginia Emery – Frass Happens: Dissecting Insect Farming
If you don’t know anything about the insect industry you have to listen. Emery also has a great narrative about finding her passion in agriculture.

What the Farm Podcast – Andrew Campbell ButterGate
ButterGate was such a funny topic at the time, and it’s fun to hear about it from someone who was the face of dairy farmers in that time where dairy farmers were being accused of somehow making butter hard.

Farm Small Farm Smart – Running Very Profitable Self-Serve Farmstands
Making $82,000 dollars off of pumpkins and sweet corn is awesome! I always wanted a little farm stand when I was young, so it’s cool to hear about someone who started small and made it big just by setting up shop at the farm stand.

TN Magic Moments Podcast – The Ladies of Craft Beer
If you love beer and you love hearing about strong women who are changing agriculture and the food industry, this is an awesome podcast. I loved every second of it!

Podcasts are a great way to relax or escape the day’s toils. They allow you to get lost in something you love while still accomplishing work. Next time you’re so bored at work that you start talking to the barn cats, try listening to one of these series instead! Hopefully you’ll either discover one you’ve never known about before or you’ll reconnect with or celebrate one that you’ve enjoyed for a long time.

Elizabeth Maslyn is a Cornell University student pursuing a career in the dairy industry. Her passion for agriculture has driven her desire to learn more, and let the voices of our farmers be heard.

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