The best heated jacket for the whole family


For farmers and ranchers, we know how to layer clothing for the weather. We know how many layers are needed for morning chores, but in the afternoon we won’t need all 10 layers and have to slowly take layers off throughout the day. However, we live in a world of technology, so why not enjoy the perks of technology — even when it comes to our clothes. Finding the best heated jacket is a great way to reduce the amount of layers on a chilly morning, while also staying nice and warm. 

Heated jackets are battery-powered and give you the ability to control your temperature with heating elements in the core. There are many different types of heated jackets — softshell, down, and hybrid — to allow you to pick the best one for your needs.

So, gone are the days of standing in the cold with no way to warm up. With a touch of a button, these heated jackets can raise your body temperature within seconds while also protecting you from other weather conditions like snow or rain. 

Check out the list below for the best heated jackets for the whole family! 


Kids Winter Heated Vest Windproof Jacket 

When kids get cold, that is all you will hear about. But at the same time they never want to wear the necessary layers. But with this heated vest they have the luxury have being able to hit one button and warm up instantly.  However, this jacket does not come with a battery packet, which can be purchased here

Details include:

  • You will feel warm within 8 seconds once you turn on the heated button ,and temperature is controllable between 86-122℉.
  • Heat sealing technology makes this jacket windproof and breathable, which will keep warm and dry
  • It can be washed by hand or by machine

Kids Winter Heated Jacket with Hood 

Similar to the youth vest, this jacket will keep the kids nice and warm with the option for a hood. The jacket also requires a power bank (OUTPUT 5V-2A), which is sold separately. The jacket comes in two color options — black or blue. 

Details include: 

  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Within 8 seconds, you can control the temperature between 86-122℉.
  • Battery will generally last 6-10 hours


TIDEWE Heated Jacket for Men with Battery Pack

The TIDEWE heated jacket contains its own battery pack, features three adjustable heat settings with just a press of the button. Up to 10 working hours on the low, six on medium, three on high. The jacket includes water- and wind-resistant breathable exterior polyester fabric with anti-static fleece liner that traps the heat and provides a soft and comfortable fit.

Details include: 

  • Once the temperature is beyond 131 degrees F, the battery will turn off, keeping you warm and safe at the same time.
  • Heating elements can endure more than 50 times machine washing. 
  • A portable power bank with 2 USB ports is offered, which you can heat your vest and charge your phone at the same time 
  •  Detachable hood and high quality YKK zipper 

DEWBU Heated Jacket with Battery Pack 

This heated jacket is equipped with five carbon fiber heating zones — two on front, one on back, and one on each arm. It can heat up your entire core body area and keeps you warm. There are two heating zones near the front pockets that can keep your hands warm at the same time. You can adjust three heating modes by short-pressing the power button (red, blue, and green). This jacket comes in multiple colors and even options for women

Details include:

  • Polyester lining
  • Machine Wash
  • Can keep warm up to 4 hours at the high level, 8 hours at the low level
  • The USB Type-C port can be used to charge smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Water resistant soft shell materials that is also scratch and wind resistant

Venustas Heated Jacket with Battery Pack 7.4V 

Venustas heated jackets adopts the newest graphene high-tech that is stronger than diamond and is the thinnest, strongest, and most flexible known thermally conductive material. Graphene features remarkable electro and thermal conductivity, damage-proof ability. Venustas battery heated jacket takes a leap in preheat duration thanks to the great thermal conductivity. 

Details include:

  • Venustas heated jacket heat quickly in seconds, 6 graphene heating elements generate heat across mid-back, neck, left & right bust, and pocket. 
  • 7.4V battery pack enables 3-3.5hrs on high, 5-5.5hrs on medium, or 8-9hrs on the low heating setting. 
  • With the double switch, you can warm your back and front body separately or together.


MYHEAT MH Men Women’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Three carbon fiber heating elements generate heat in the core of the body — right and left chest, mid-back. It also has three heating settings (high, medium and low) and can be adjusted by the press of a button. Soft shell and wool lining ensure you don’t lose any excess heat and enjoy a comfortable warmth.

Details include:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Fabric is water and wind resistant
  • Battery lasts up to 10 hours.

IHeat Women’s Heated Jacket, Winter Jacket Slim Fit

Soft Teflon coated nylon exterior with wind and waterproof TPU layer and breathable polar fleece lining ensure you do not lose any excess heat. The jacket is powered with an external power pack that lasts 10 hours on low, seven hours on medium, and four hours on high. 

Details include:

  • Cashmere, wool
  • Button closure
  • Hand Wash Only
  • 10 Seconds Fast Heating System
  • Ultra Light Smart Charging Power Pack
  • 2USB ports for charging smartphones and other mobile devices.

Venustas Women’s 3-in-1 Heated Jacket with Battery Pack

This jacket is a 3-in-1 heated coat set for all weather conditions. Both the hooded waterproof shell and the inner fleece heated clothing can be worn on their own or together. Wear the fleece on its own provides great comfort and enough warmth for most cold days; wear just the shell as a lightweight waterproof layer, or wear them together to stay dry and warm.

Details include:

  • 100% Nylon fabric of outer shell, with removable inner fleece heated jacket.
  • Machine wash
  • Four carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas and has three adjustable heat settings 
  • Up to 10 working hours with certified 10000mAh battery

What to look for in a heated jacket


Heated winter jackets have the added technology of keeping you warm for hours. Depending on what type of warming technology you want, the price can range quite a bit. It also makes a difference if the battery is included with the jacket or if you have to purchase it separately. There are many different price range of jackets — anywhere from $120 to $500. Finding the right jacket for you is the most important aspect.  


Just like any other jacket, you want a heated jacket to fit nice while allowing room for a few layers underneath. A good fit around your shoulders will enable you to stay active in your jacket. You must consider what you need the jacket for, either layering above or under other jackets, and purchase the right fit for you. 

Weather Resistance

Just like some winter jackets are for warmth, others can also protect you from wind or rain. The same can be said for heated jackets. Many of the jackets come in different materials, some are waterproof while others only protect against the wind. It is important to know what you need out of your jacket to find the right one for you. 

Not only will a heated jacket keep you warm, you can also control the warmth throughout the day. So instead of having to take layers on and off throughout the day, you can simply turn the heating mechanics on or off. So if you are in the market for a heated jacket this winter, we hope these options help you find the right one for you. 

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