Got tumblers? Here’s which ones to trash and which ones to treasure


As the weather gets colder and we spend more time in our choppers and combines, we start breaking out the good tumblers to keep our coffee hot all day. And if you have a farming family like I do, your cupboards are probably chock full of coffee mugs with brands of all the various companies who come to the door trying to sell you things.

It’s amazing how many different shapes and sizes those cups come in, and their varying degree of how hot they keep the coffee. But which tumbler or insulated coffee jug is best for farmers?

Here are a few things to consider.

My personal motto is function over fashion. If you’re bouncing around in a tractor or stringing your coffee around with you on a little wagon while you feed calves, you need a tumbler that seals shut. And if you care about your tumbler fitting in your cup holder, it’s important to note that standard cupholders are generally between 2.9 inches to 3.2 inches in diameter. Cute does not equal functional when it comes to tumblers.

So if you’re wondering which tumblers are the best for farmers and ranchers, here are a few of my recommendations based on the experiences I’ve had with each of these brands!

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YETI tumblers are among the best of the best. They come in all shapes and sizes (18-, 26-,36-, 46- and 64-ounce versions), so there’s basically a YETI for everybody! They are nearly indestructible, and their stainless steel interior makes them easy to wash. The only thing there is to complain about the YETI cup is that it’s so good your coffee doesn’t cool down! So take that top off if you’re trying to have your coffee gulped down before noon.

Image by Elizabeth Maslyn


My go to tumbler is the Stanley thermos with the classic one hand vacuum lid. It’s another indestructible tumbler that you can rely on day after day. They don’t keep your coffee hot for as long as the YETI can, but they do have a spill free cap and a non-chip exterior. Stanley tumblers are a very affordable option, and definitely a functional one.

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MiiR is a brand you may not have seen in the stores, but it’s the top cup on many published lists because of its slim build, low price, and inability to spill a drop. MiiR makes really nice tumblers, but also makes cool pour over kits that are guaranteed to make a great cup of joe! Whether you want a tumbler for traveling or a tumbler that can walk the pens with you, MiiR is a great tumbler for every activity.

Image by Ryan Tipps

Klean Kanteen

Klean Kanteen is a company based on love — love of adventure, conservation, and reducing waste. They make everything from coffee mugs to cocktail kits, and they also appear on the top tumbler lists. Their insulation can keep your drinks warm for hours upon hours, and even after heavy use for three years from one of our reviewers, the Klean Kanteen seal hasn’t failed once. Not to mention, they definitely have the cutest tumblers I’ve seen, and if you like to drink from a straw, Klean Kanteen tumblers are the ones for you.

Image by Ryan Tipps


Dometic is another brand you probably haven’t seen in the stores. This unique company focuses on the camper and RVing markets — the adventurers of the world. Their products are top notch and what makes them the most unique is the types of caps they have for their tumblers. They have screw-on lids, flip tops, wide or narrow openings, and 360 lids, so if you’re unsatisfied with your tumbler lid, check out Dometic!

Image by Elizabeth Maslyn


You can find Contigo cups at just about any store, and they are very affordable. But don’t let that fool you, Contigo cups are actually one of my favorites! I have been using the same Contigo tumbler since I was in middle school, and it has made it through a whole lot of milking shifts! If you fill it with boiling hot coffee, it’ll be cool enough to drink after about two hours, and will be cold by lunch time. If you’re not hoping to slowly sip your coffee all day, the Contigo is the one for you.

No matter your choice of beverage, everyone needs a good tumbler that fits their needs and can be durable to survive the beating that farm life can dish out. When the months are cold and you find yourself breaking out the insulated coveralls, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a new tumbler!

Elizabeth Maslyn is a born and raised dairy farmer from Upstate New York. Her passion for agriculture has driven her to share the stories of farmers with all consumers, and promote agriculture in everything she does. She works hard to increase food literacy in her community, and wants to share the stories of her local farmers.

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