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5 best videos from Derrick from TDF Honest Farming


Meet Derrick Josi. He is a fourth-generation dairy farmer who “spreads” the truth on his Facebook page, TDF Honest Farming. Derrick is known for his dairy videos, showing the day to day operations on his farm. We picked out five of our favorite videos, but you should go and check out his page for an inside “scoop” of his dairy farm. Happy #FebruDairy! 

Derrick says, “My great grandfather, Alfred, came here from Switzerland as an indentured servant in 1912. In 1918, he started leasing the original farmstead of 60 acres. We now farm 400 acres and milk jersey cows. My wife and I are partners with my parents, and we plan on being here several hundred more years. Our farm is a member owner of the Tillamook County Creamery Association in Oregon and has been for a century. We love what we do and are proud of the products our company makes.” 

Derrick’s openness has made him a target of vegan extremists — they’ve threatened harm or death so many times he’s lost track. His latest viral video comes as he is prepping his dairy cows for their “monthly activist training.” With over 1 million views, this video has reached many people and opened their eyes to the humorous side of farmers while also addressing a real issue. 

In this video Derrick introduces himself and his operation. What started of as a series of educational videos and posts has turned into a large following of more than 30,000 people. Derrick explains his views and pet peeves of fear-based marketing. 

This video just gets my blood boiling, but Derrick explains the truths behind 4-H and FFA.

Every girl deserves a mani-pedi. Derrick explains every part of his day as a Bovine Beautician.

RUN GIRLS RUN! Again, Derrick explains his operation with his dairy cows having access to pasture and the barn, especially during inclement weather.


We love seeing the truthfulness and honesty of all of Derrick’s videos! Keep them coming! TDF Honest Farming is on Facebook and Instagram

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