Big discounts available on 4 battery-driven Ego yard tools


Finding a great discount is all about being smart with your money. And if you’re anything like us, you have a huge number of yard and farm projects that need to be tackled, so saving some cash to help make those jobs easier is all the better. We’ve learned that Walmart is featuring four Ego-brand products at exclusive discounts for a limited time — we’re talking as much as 40 percent off!

If you’re not familiar with Ego, there’s a good reason you acquaint yourself with the brand. Recent years have seen a surge in battery-driven tools and lawn machinery, especially as lithium-battery technology has gotten more efficient and more powerful. Some brands even bill their battery-driven products as being able to outperform their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Ego is squarely in this battery category. The brand’s patented 56V ARC Lithium battery technology includes innovative design, intelligent power management, and revolutionary cooling technology for incredible power and performance. Basically, you get a lot of bang for your buck, so that value should be something that catches the eyes of many homeowners.

Plus, Ego’s batteries have universal compatibilities across their products, you can use any size battery for any tool in the EGO POWER+ lineup.

While Ego is sold at several major home improvement stores around the nation, the deals being offered at Walmart now through July 24 mark a particularly steep discount. And you won’t find these prices anywhere else because of an exclusive agreement between Ego and Walmart to highlight these four reconditioned Ego products.

Here are the Ego lawn tools being offered on sale at Walmart:

ego mower

Ego-LM2102SP-FC Cordless Lawn Mower 21″ Self Propelled Kit

If you are looking for a way to mow your lawn that has less mess, less carbon footprint, and no fumes to content with, the 21 in. 56 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower Kit with a 7.5 Ah battery and charger included is the way to go. With all of the torque of the standard gas powered motor, this self-propelled lawn mower makes it easy to work through the toughest of mowing conditions.

The forward propelling motion makes it quick work without strenuous effort pushing the mower over uneven terrain or up an incline. The mower offers a 6 position deck height adjustment, with a 21-inch deck width cutting span. The Ego power+ systems are all capable of sharing similar battery power, making both the batteries and the charges compatible with other products.

At a glance:

  • Delivers the high torque of gas-powered mowers
  • 7.5Ah 56-volt battery and rapid charger
  • 60 minutes cut time and 60 minutes charge time
  • Up to 60-minutes of cut time with included battery
  • 21 in. cut capacity
  • Weather-resistant construction

ego blower

Ego-LB5302-FC Turbo Cordless Blower 3-speed Kit

The 110 mph 530 CFM Variable-Speed Turbo 56 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower w/ 2.5 Ah battery and charger included uses a state-of-the-art ion-lithium battery, meaning that you don’t have to deal with harsh fumes while working outside. Take a short break while your blower fully charges in around 50 minutes.

On its low setting, it will then be ready to blow for an hour and 15 minutes. With no cord to hassle with, 75 minutes is plenty of time to complete, or make major progress, on your outdoor projects. Factory Certified The CFM Variable-Speed Turbo 56 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower is lightweight. This makes it ideal for maneuvering around objects and clearing off debris.

At a glance:

  • 2.5 Ah battery is compatible with all Ego power+ products
  • Turbine fan engineering and efficient brushless motor
  • Includes compact-capacity battery and charger
  • 2.5 Ah power+ arc lithium battery is compatible with all Ego power+ products and chargers
  • High efficiency brushless motor
  • Turbo boost function delivers 530 CFM

ego string trimmer

Ego-ST1520S-FC PowerLoad Cordless String Trimmer Carbon Fiber 15in. Tool

Trim with confidence when you don’t have to worry about tedious string-reloading with the 56 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric 15 in. Powerload String Trimmer with Carbon Fiber Shaft. This string trimmer is built to last with a durable construction and exactly what you need to get to work without delay.

The powerload head is designed to make re-stringing as simple as the push of a button. Clip on the lithium batteries for electric power as strong as any gasoline engine ever was. The chargeable battery lasts for a good day of trimming and is ready to go again after just a few hours of charging. With an enhanced carbon fiber shaft, this trimmer isn’t susceptible to common bumps and jostles. It keeps its shape and stays solid and in control no matter what obstacles it faces in the line of duty. The motor is among the highest efficiency in its class to allow maximum run time and constant power no matter what you’re trimming.

At a glance:

  • Carbon fiber shaft engineered for long-lasting durability
  • High efficiency brushless motor provides longer run time
  • Powerload head, load your line, push a button and go
  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • 15 in. cutting swath
  • Dual-feed spiral-twist 0.095 in. line

ego hedge trimmer

Ego-HT2411-FC Cordless Hedge Trimmer Brushless Kit

Extend your reach and flexibility with the 56 V Lithium-Ion Cordless 24 in. Brushless Hedge Trimmer Kit (210W Charger, 2.5Ah Battery Included). This hedge trimmer is powerful while also cordless, cutting through inch-thick branches with the 1-inch cut capacity! The brushless engine is efficient and moves at speeds to make 3,000 strokes within one minute of operation time.

Factory Certified With the speed of the blades and the lack of a cord, the 56 V Lithium-Ion Cordless 24 in. Brushless Hedge Trimmer can finish the job quickly and effectively. The highest quality lithium battery technology is compatible with all EGO POWER+ products. The 2.5 Ah battery and multi-compatible 210W charger are included with the cordless hedge trimmer, allowing you to get to work as soon as possible.

At a glance:

  • 3,000 strokes per minute
  • Fully-serviceable blades
  • Genuine Ego parts ensure capability, quality and performance
  • 1 inch cut capacity
  • Hi-efficiency brushless motor
  • 24 dual-action, hardened steel reciprocating blades


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