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Build Your Base with Beef program to help athletes reach goals


Build Your Base with Beef is a comprehensive sports nutrition program that utilizes beef as its premier protein. It strives to prepare young athletes all the way up to Olympic athletes for a successful sports season.

According to its website, the Build Your Base with Beef program provides a toolkit that contains ready-to-use material as well as resources that lead to overall success towards a healthful lifestyle, through a collaborative partnership between the South Dakota Beef Industry Council, Sanford Health, and the Sanford Sports Science Institute.

The partnership is moving into its fourth year as it continues this fall in high school athletic programs across the state. For example, athletes from 51 South Dakota high schools and communities will benefit from the Build Your Base with Beef Program. High Schools completed and returned applications to the SDBIC and were selected by committee members made up of Sanford and SDBIC representatives. Although Build Your Base was originally designed for football players, educational material will open to all athletic programs this fall. 

In addition to the football high school teams, the U.S. Track and Field Trials will showcase Beef in 2021 through the Build Your Base with Beef Program, through ready to use materials, best in class sports nutrition education, and high-quality protein to support optimal performance.

The Build Your Base with Beef program has expanded beyond the borders of South Dakota and throughout the nation. SDBIC Executive Director Suzy Geppert describes the expansion, “This program continues to surpass expectations as it was recently showcased at the U.S Track and Field Trials. Although we are seeing national success, we want to ensure our South Dakota Schools continue to have the opportunity to be a part of its growth. Beef plays a huge role in our schools and rural communities and we want to make sure we are continuing these relationships.”

The program has already received endorsements from several professional athletes including several that will be competing in this year’s U.S Track and Field Trials. U.S Pole Vaulters, Chris Nilsen, world leader; Katie Nageotte, current world leader; and former NCAA standout, Emily Grove; Reigning American Champion Heptathlete, Erica Bougard, and the reigning world gold medal Hammer Thrower and U.S. record holder, Deanna Price.

The program provides information to high school, collegiate, and elite professional athletes with education materials developed around a whole plate experience; supporting optimal performance on and off the field.

Reigning world gold medal hammer thrower and U.S. record holder Deanna Price said, “As a professional athlete you need the highest quality source of fuel. Beef is an extremely nutrient dense protein. Not only does it provide high quality protein, but has numerous amounts of vitamins and minerals that are essential for not only performance but for everyday living. I am beyond excited to join the South Dakota Beef and Sanford Sports family through the Build Your Base program, and look forward to the benefit that this high-quality protein provides!” 

For more information on the Build Your Base with Beef program visit their website.

The South Dakota Beef Industry Council works on behalf of South Dakota beef producers through the $1 Beef Checkoff program.

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