Burgess on Books: ‘Johnny Tractor and the Hide-and-Seek Cat’


Burgess on Books is a monthly AGDAILY feature that spotlights a kids book perfect for your rural rugrat.

“Johnny Tractor and the Hide-and-Seek Cat”
Author: John Deere Company
Age Range: 1-4 years
Publisher: Running Press Kids

Would you like a fun and interactive book for your little’s Easter Basket this year? How about this one? My daughter still loves opening up the book and helping Johnny Tractor and Allie Gator find Midnight, the cat. They don’t realize that they are learning about the farm and the many hidden gems behind each little flap — 50 in all! You can even open up a flap that shows how the combine picks the corn cob during harvest. Another great plus about this book is how hefty the pages are. Great for young readers that may still have a tenancy to rip pages accidentally.

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