Burgess on Books: ‘Kailey’s Ag Adventures’


Burgess on Books is a monthly AGDAILY feature that spotlights a kids book perfect for your rural rugrat.

Image courtesy of Kansas Farm Bureau

“Kailey’s Ag Adventures”
Author: Dan Yunk

When my son was small, it was difficult finding books that explained what farmers and ranchers do in a reasonable and accurate light. That’s why I was so glad to see the Kailey’s Ag books — the series includes “Milk Come from a Cow?,” “The Soil Neighborhood,” “Farmers and Ranchers Care about their Animals,” “Celebrate Wheat,” and “Growing up Strong.” In 2012, the publisher put all of these books into one hardback book, and my daughter loves it!

As a mom and a farmer, I appreciate the precise, easy, and accurate way these books explain how farmers and ranchers take care of the soil, animals, and how the food they eat will help them grow into their best selves. The connection Kailey has with her grandma is excellent. Whatever questions she has on food or farming, her grandma is there to help. The age range of these books is ANY! Young and old will find these books enjoyable to read.

There newest ones to the series are “Kailey’s Pig Tails” and “Jobs Farmers Do.”


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