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Could chicken tutus make their way to your farm?


You may think you have heard or seen it all, but I promise you, you haven’t. We can all think of that one person who treats their chickens as their own children. If you don’t pick them up and swing with each one individually, are you even a crazy chicken owner? So it comes to no shock that there are clothing options for your chicken — you can even dress them up for special occasions with these colorful tutus

According to the seller, “How adorable is this chicken wearing a tut? What could be better then dressing up your chickens. These make great chicken outfits for Easter photos or if you have a very fancy chicken. Dress your chicken up in their very own neon rainbow chicken tutu.” 

The tutus come in four different sizes so all your feathered friends can look fabulous. Sizes include bantam, standard, large fowl, and turkey. 

It is also important to note the seller reiterates the need for safety. These tutu’s are not meant to be left on the chickens without supervision. No matter how cute an item, safety is always number one on the farm. 

You might wonder why a chicken needs a tutu. The short answer —  it is 2020 and nothing needs a real reason anymore. The long answer, it makes someone happy and brings light into their life. I never thought a chicken could have better style than me, but here we are.

If you like these chicken tutus, you might be wondering what else is out there. Check out this sweater on Etsy for that chicken who is always cold. Let us know what other accessories are out there for your favorite feathered friends.

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