A corn maze shaped like a map of U.S. states is gaining lots of attention


Lee Highway Farms tries to do something special every year with its corn maze, but this fall, the “God Bless the USA!” message that accompanies its U.S.-map-styled corn maze has really drawn a lot of attention.

The maze is located near Bristol, Virginia, and features pathways that follow along state lines. There are 16 cities — such as New York, Los Angeles, and New Orleans — that you can to find along the way. 

The owner, Stewart Etter, told local media that his mazes, as well as his pick-your-own pumpkin patch, have contributed to a significant spike in his farm’s business.

Of course, in the vein of no good deed goes unpunished, there have been complaints on social media that the scaling is off in spots and that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan wasn’t included. 

Lee Highways Farms responded: “We have many things to consider when working on our maze, including our growing season, weather and other constraints. We realize this isn’t a perfect representation, and there are people who will see that. Our farm is is here for families and to celebrate our fall season. Professional geographers worked with us on this maze and some cartographic liberties were taken. We fully understand it is not complete.”

To those of us involved in agriculture, the constraints of space and functionality are obvious, and the farm should be applauded for what it has created. Thankfully, the positive social media remarks — as well as the overall fanfare the farm has received — far outweighs those negative comments.

Here’s a video of the maze, that should give you a great look at the whole thing!

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