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Dairy farmer offers fun Facebook education series for kids


As most students are home right now due to COVID-19, it is important to fill their time with fun, educational items. A great resource for these students is a weekly video series with Farmer Katie and her cow, Snickerdoodle, with the American Dairy Association North East. Each day the series will feature a different topic about dairy. Farmer Katie will teach kids about caring for calves, cow car, cow nutrition, and milking. 

Katie Dotterer-Pyle is combining her expertise as a dairy farmer and a teacher to launch a Facebook education series about cows and life on a dairy farm to educate and entertain kids while schools are closed. The online stories will be told from Dotterer-Pyle’s farm, the Cow Comfort Inn Dairy in Union Bridge, Maryland, and will focus on how dairy farmers care and provide comfort for their cows.

The series can be viewed every day this week, Monday, March 23, through Friday, March 27, at 10 a.m. EDT on the American Dairy Association North East Facebook page. Each video from Monday to Thursday will be pre-recorded and published at 10 a.m. However, on Friday, Farmer Katie will have a special Facebook Live event. Friday’s episode will feature Katie making her favorite recipe live from her kitchen. Kids can do some pre homework by downloading the “What’s Up With Milk” printable coloring book. With every video, there is an additional coloring activity for the students.

This week’s schedule will cover: 

  • Monday – Calf Care. Farmer Katie will cover the calf’s life on the farm. Calf care printable available here

  • Tuesday – Cow Care. Find out how cow’s spend their days and discover what they sleep on, how long they sleep, and what their housing looks like. Cow care printable available here.
  • Wednesday – Cow Nutrition. Farmer Katie explains a cow’s diet and how they help with food waste. The Cow Nutrition printable available here.
  • Thursday – Milking. Check out the milking parlor and learn how cows are milked, how often they are milked, and how much milk a cow typically produces in one day. Milking printable available here.
  • Friday –  Baking with Farmer Katie. Farmer Katie shows us how to bake one of her favorite recipes live from her kitchen.

Learn more about the week-long farm fun series on the American Dairy Association North East Facebook Page.

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