8 of the best garden tools for first-time gardeners


Do you ever feel the urge to start your own garden, but just get that overwhelming feeling? After you have looked up the different plants and know where you want to seed each one for optimal growth, you might need help finding the right garden tools. Look no further! Finding the best garden tools for a successful season is important — without the right tools, the job can get pretty weedy (garden puns anyone?).

Many beginners will ask, “What tools do I need to start a garden?” When deciding on the right garden tools for beginners, we wanted to include tools that would be multifunctional and make your garden experience successful. The tools include everything you will need to get started including gloves, pruners, shovels, and a few other essentials. The tools we selected will be helpful for beginning gardeners as they start growing their own plants.

Before they could make it on this list, all of these garden tool had to have high ratings from other beginning gardeners as well.

Another important aspect of starting a garden is to have a plan. It is important to know the basics like what is your soil type, what grows well in your region, and when to seed and water your plant. After you determined the specifics of your plan, then you will need the best garden tools to execute that plan. After using these garden tools, you will wish you started working in your garden sooner.

These essential garden tools are sure to help you on your gardening adventure!

WORKPRO 2 Pairs Garden Gloves

These work gloves are perfect for beginning gardeners. With 4.8 out 5.0 ratings, these gloves come highly recommended from customers. These garden gloves are made of high breathable and stretchable bamboo and spandex mixed fibers that offer you full dexterity and comfort. Looking for more inspiration?

  • Abrasion-resistance and flexibility
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Full protection for your hands
  • Perfect for garden works

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Giading Hand Tiller

The multipurpose tool cultivates, loosens, turns, tills, aerates and weeds your soil with the claw. It can be used on large areas or tight spaces, is great for heavy soils, including clay, and is also easy to use. With 3 step height adjustable 40.9” / 37.4” / 33.8” to your own height request, this tool is great for any type of garden. 

  • Sharp arrow and rotate angel tines
  • Easy to assembly and use
  • Height adjustable

HyleJhJy 8″ Hand Pruners

This pack of bypass steel pruning shears and straight tip gardening shears are perfect for beginners! These shears will help you reach stems inside bundles without damaging the other stems and branches, making picking and trimming an easy task. Sharp blades ensure quick and precision cuts, suitable for cutting stems, light branches of trees, rose bush, shrubs, and more! With convenient safety open/close clips help to hide the blades during rest, and allow for easy and safe storage.

  • Non-slip handle 
  • Long reach blade
  • Safety details

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Edward Tools Garden Trowel 

The Garden Trowel by Edward Tools is made of heavy duty carbon steel for confident digging in heavy clay or soils. It features depth markers for easy measurements to use when planting or transplanting. The Ergo Grip handle is more comfortable to use and provides plenty of leverage for heavy or rocky soils. The coating is rust proof and bend proof. The best part is the trowel is protected by a lifetime warranty so you have peace of mind. 

  • Heavy duty carbon steel 
  • Depth markers for easy measurement 
  • ErgoGrip with ergonomic rubber grip handle
  • Rust proof, bend proof, and break proof indestructible design
  • Lifetime warranty 

Bully Tools 92353 Garden Hoe

Bully Tools 92353 Garden Hoe with Fiberglass Handle features all the elements of a well-built and affordable American tool and more. Constructed with 12 gauge steel and a fiberglass handle, this hoe is built to last. The overall length is 56 inches. This tool is 100 percent American made and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Commercial grade
  • Made of extra thick 12 gauge steel
  • Extended steel ferrule increases strength
  • Limited lifetime warranty

HOMIMP Adjustable Garden Rake

The lightweight garden leaf rake has a steel handle that can extend from 34 to 55 inches. Each handle of this rake set can be detached into four pieces of short tube. When you need to use rakes for outdoor camping activities, this collapsible garden rake can be abridged and you can carry it in your car trunk or cycle rack.

  • Adjustable and detachable handle
  • Easy to install and remove
  • 100% quality guarantee

Nupla-72-016 Round Point Shovel

Everyone needs to have a good, basic shovel. Even if your garden is small, you won’t regret having a basic shovel in your tool box. This shovel has a fiberglass handle which allows for the shovel to better withstand the weather conditions if left outside. 

  • Blade dimension 9-by-11.5 inches
  • Ergonomic for comfort, safety and less fatigue
  • Nupla ergo power handles feature nuplaglas cores with molded nuclad contoured jacket

YEMMEN Garden Hose 50ft Expandable Water Hose 

This hose comes with a nozzle which has 10 patterns for more choices while watering. In addition, you have the option to select either a 50ft hose or 100 ft hose to match your needs. This garden hose can expand 3 times to its original hose length when the water press is on, from 17 feet to 50 feet. This expanding garden hose has 3/4 inches brass connectors and shut-off valves. No more bursts, cracks, leaks while watering your plants. 

  • 10 functions spray nozzle
  • Incredible expanding design
  • The flexible expanding water hose uses durable polyester fabric cover to prevent breaking and leakage
  • Solid 3/4 in brass connectors
  • Anti-squeeze and kink resistant

What does it take to start a garden?

There is one thing you need that is not on this list that you will need for a successful garden — hard work. A lot of dedication, hard work, and time goes into creating your garden oasis.

Don’t let the overwhelming feeling slow you down on your gardening adventure. People have many different reasons of why they want to start a garden — maybe you want a lush flower garden or you are trying to grow your own vegetables. Or maybe you want amazing flowers to look at? Whatever the case maybe, the important part is to grab your garden tools and get started! 

Although these tools were picked with beginners in mind, they can will also help you along your path as you become an expert gardener. We know there are many other garden tools that you can add to your tool box, but this list is sure to set you on the right path to get started. Don’t forget to add determination and hard work into that tool box for a successful gardening adventure! 

If you ever have any questions or problems in starting your garden, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Extension Master Gardener Program. Those experts have a wealth of knowledge!

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