Farm Barbie celebrates ag-career possibilities for girls


Many years ago, as a little girl, I would play with toy tractors and farm the carpet. Of course the tractors needed drivers, so I took my dressed up, high-heeled Barbie dolls to drive the tractors, not practical, but I had to work with what I had. Looking back, you could say I was ahead of my time. Barbie has released a new edition to their career division: Farm Barbie. 

“From science to the arts, agriculture to athletics and oceans to ice, Barbie doll has done it all. So she knows what it takes to bring food to the table. Farmers need to know about weather science, plant science and animal science. From sowing time to harvest, they work the land and care for their animals to help feed the world.”

“Barbie farmer doll help kids grow their own fun with a tractor, detachable wagon and five adorable baby farm animals. Working wheels on the tractor and wagon help roll through playtime, and a clip on the tractor seat holds Barbie doll in place for active storytelling. Open the swinging gate on the wagon to load the animals — put the chicken on the tractor hood using its plug-and-play piece to keep it secure—then push to get the action started. Barbie doll is ready to farm success wearing a plaid top, denim overalls and tall brown boots. A bale of hay and feeding bottle add role-play fun, especially for animal lovers, who have five animals to nurture in this set: the chicken, two chicks, a white lamb and a brown calf with a sweet white heart on its forehead.”

I think this is a great opportunity to spotlight women working in male-dominated field. It also opens up options for many young people. Although Barbie has recently raised a few eyebrows, I think this is a great way for agriculture to reach the masses in a fun, educational way. Having a presence in the learning stage is critical to cause curiosity in young minds. I am thrilled to see companies including agriculture lately.

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