Got milk?: A new generation embraces the iconic question


When things got tough this year, Americans went out and got milk — lots of it. While it’s no surprise that people love milk, what was a surprise was what they did with it once they got it. Kids and kids-at-heart found new ways to drink it, dunk it, and most of all, enjoy it.

got milk? comes forward for a new generation

The emergence of milk as a surprising social media superstar of the stay-at-home months inspired MilkPEP, the group that represents America’s milk companies, to bring the iconic got milk? tagline to a new generation of milk drinkers.

“I’ve been so inspired by how people have creatively embraced milk this year,” said Yin Woon Rani, CEO of MilkPEP. “From whipping Dalgona coffee to running a mile with a glass of milk in-hand, today’s TikTok-ers are finding more ways to connect with milk. All the milk love inspired us to reimagine got milk? for today’s social-first generation.”

It’s no wonder milk is a fan favorite for kids — and parents — everywhere. Milk has the unique combination of taste kids love and the right fuel growing kids need. In fact, it’s the top food source of much-needed calcium and vitamin D in kids’ diets. At just about 25 cents per 8-ounce glass, no other beverage packs the nutrition power of milk’s 9 essential nutrients for the dollar.

Milk reclaims its spot in America’s hearts, and fridges

When Americans were faced with tough times they bought more milk — and not just during the initial “stock up” phases of the pandemic. Shoppers have continued to buy milk at rates not seen in years, with milk sales at retail up about 4 percent year-to-date. Milk is an “essential” for home meals — for milk drinkers, 80 percent of their milk is consumed at home. Parents chose to buy milk because they trust it for its nutrition, versatility, and taste. In fact, 72 percent of moms said that milk was their number one must-have as the stay-at-home orders hit, above staples like bread, eggs, and vegetables.

got milk? asks a new generation to “show us what you got”

Today, got milk? gets a glow-up as new faces and new platforms bring the iconic campaign forward to a new generation, asking kids to ‘show us what you got’. From U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky taking a dip into the waters of TikTok, to reimagining the “back-to-school” season and more, got milk? will provide unexpected and ever-changing experiences to help kids and parents find more fun, nutrition and normalcy in an ever-changing world.

“I’m so pumped to be a part of a new got milk? with all these awesome people doing really cool things with milk,” said Kheris Rogers, co-creator of Flexin’ in my Complexion. “I think it’s so important to celebrate what makes us all unique, which is why I’m excited to show my community ‘what I got’ with milk, and challenge them to do the same!”

Rooted in social media and influencer content, the new got milk? campaign also includes TV and digital advertising as well as retail partnerships and promotions. Look for got milk? on YouTube to follow the action.

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