Harvest foods: Easy, nutritious meals for farmers on the go

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As harvest takes shape with the arrival of fall, we all know how much busier farmers become. Long hours in the field and on the tractor or combine mean that good, wholesome meals aren’t always realistic. It is difficult to get a nutritious meal delivered if it isn’t easy, and quick, to eat. Yet, we all know those long days require energy. If you are lucky enough to be friends or neighbors with, or married to, a farmer, you can show your appreciation for their hard work by preparing some easy and nutritious meals.

Breakfast burritos

Farmers are up early, and usually don’t have time to prepare a good meal before heading out into the field. Breakfast burritos are the most brilliant of the breakfast foods. They’re everything you want in a breakfast all wrapped in a portable tortilla. Check out this list of delectable burritos, including this one:

Image courtesy of Damn Delicious

A helpful tip: To make breakfast burritos on-the-go friendly, add sauces on the inside so farmers don’t have to dip them into a messy bowl. Then, wrap in foil — this keeps them warm and keeps them from spilling into the farmer’s lap while they are on the tractor.

Breakfast sliders

Sliders are usually a food for football game parties. Which, famers might miss out on because of harvest. Bring a little bit of the good mood to the field with an easy breakfast food, like this recipe:

Image courtesy of Jones Dairy Farm

Cattlemen steak wraps

These wraps are every steak lover’s dream. Not to bash on the poultry industry, but beef doesn’t usually get exposure on any “wrap” menu, and it’s about time they do. Harvest time is their moment to shine.

Image courtesy of Food and Swine

Crunchy corn salad

This meal is light and easy to prepare, for the farmer who might not have a huge appetite. It also is fantastic for someone who likes a little more oompfh in their leafy greens. Want to beef it up more? Add some ground beef to it and you have a crunchy corn and beef salad!

Image courtesy of Chef Alli

Taco Pop-Tarts
This twist on hot pockets is ingenious. Change it up with carne asada, cilantro and lime and you’ve got a portable street taco.

Image courtesy of Babble

Jalapeno pinwheel

For those farmers who enjoy a little spicy flavor, here’s a tasty version of everyone’s favorite party food: the pinwheel. This is a versatile meal that allows for many variations in ingredients, so put your own spin on it to fit the taste preferences of the farmer.

Image courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything

No-bake cake batter truffles

We can’t forget about the farmers who have somewhat of a sweet-tooth. These truffles provide all the satisfaction of a cake-pop, without all the hassle. Plus, they are easy to eat.

Image courtesy of Who Needs A Cape?

Apple pie bites

The comfort of a home-baked pie on the go! These bites are delicious and perfect for those farmers who want something sweet, warm and homemade from the people who care most about them.

Image courtesy of Spend With Pennies
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