Helly Hansen Luna Winter Jacket review: A leader in women’s workwear


Helly Hansen Workwear has crafted near perfection in its insulated Luna Winter Jacket for women


It’s a tricky proposition to engineer the perfect performance winter jacket for women. Yet Helly Hansen has elevated its Luna Winter Jacket to be a clear leader in this category. I am an extremely cold-natured woman who lives on a farm with horses, goats, and chickens. Caring for all these animals means I don’t take a day off from outside chores, regardless of the weather, so quality outerwear is vital. I’ve never been truly satisfied with any brand until now.

A jacket needs to be insulated to keep out the cold, but it can’t be bulky. Check! I have full range of motion — and I stay warm.

helly hansen luna jacket

It needs to be waterproof, yet breathable. Check! So far, I’ve only worn this jacket in the rain once, but it kept me dry. And importantly, the hood stayed firmly in place while also remaining of my eyes. A too-big hood that falls over my eyes to block my vision is a major pet peeve. The Helly Hansen Luna Winter Jacket has an adjustable hood, so it will fit each wearer exactly as they like.

It must have a women’s cut. Check! A jacket designed specifically for a woman’s body shape will keep winter chill from sneaking up from the bottom. The workwear division of Helly Hansen smartly includes adjustability around the waistline via a cord found inside the zippered pockets.

helly hansen luna jacket

It needs to have thumb holes. Check! There was a time when they were first introduced that I laughed at the idea of thumb holes in hoodies and jackets. They seemed silly and pointless — and painful, since the first ones I saw were simply a vertical slice that cut into the soft skin between my thumb and forefinger. Over the past decade, thumbhole design has been much more thoroughly thought-out, and I will not go without them on outerwear. The Helly Hansen Luna Winter Jacket incorporates a miraculously soft, stretchy material that clings to the skin, keeps my hands warm, and — wonder of wonders — does not allow hay to stick to it.

A lightweight jacket is ideal. Check! This one hits that sweet spot where it’s heavy in warmth only. It doesn’t weigh me down unnecessarily — when the hoses are all frozen so that I have to carry buckets of warm water to the animals, I don’t need to carry extra weight in my clothes!

helly hansen luna jacket

I always appreciate a dedicated cellphone pocket. Check! The Helly Hansen Luna Winter Jacket has one, and if I have any complaint at all — I’m stretching for one here — the placement of this one right beside the front zipper means that I can accidentally grab the wrong one.

A strong zipper is a no-brainer. No compromising on this! A shoddy zipper will entirely ruin an otherwise great winter jacket. Helly Hansen again hits the nail on the head here.

Bonus! It’s packable. At the end of winter, when it’s time to put away coats in favor of lightweight outerwear, the Luna Winter Jacket doesn’t take up a lot of space in storage.

I am truly impressed with the quality of this jacket, and I fully expect it to last me years. Incredible job on this one, Helly Hansen!

According to Helly’s website, the stats on this jacket are:

  • Helly Tech performance membrane
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • Primaloft Black Eco Insulation
  • Fully taped construction
  • No shoulder seams
  • Detachable hood
  • Extended back for improved comfort
  • Wrist gaiters

Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Base Layer

For this cold-natured person, outdoor activities are daunting in winter. I can’t think of anything else besides being cold. So I certainly wanted something to pair with the jacket that would work well together and help ward off the absolutely coldest of days. The Helly Hansen Lifa Merino Base Layer has been engineered for working in cold weather and seemed just right!

Constructed of warm Merino wool, this shirt molds directly to my body. At first, I was concerned that it was too small, but it’s very comfortable and, as a base layer, it’s intended to have a very snug fit. It’s snug, yes, but not constricting. It’s like a warm second skin — exactly as intended!

I’ve worn this base layer for two purposes — so far:

  • While feeding my horses and goats in 25-degree weather, of course paired with the insulated Luna Winter Jacket. And wow. I was warm to the brink of hot. That was quite a shock! I am very impressed.
  • While running a 5K in 40-degree weather, paired with running gloves but no jacket. Normally I would not choose a wool shirt to wear while running, but I wanted to test Helly Hansen’s claims that their base layers are perfect “no matter what activity you are doing” and that “LIFA pushes moisture away from your skin, so that you can stay warm, dry and comfortable.” The verdict? They’re right. This shirt stayed right in place — no bunching up around my waist, no tugging needed. I didn’t sweat and I wasn’t cold. Honestly, I didn’t think about the shirt at all. And any runner will tell you that that is the best compliment a running shirt can be given.
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