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Hilarious ag and science responses to the #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob hashtag


We’ve all seen some truly laughable — and cringeworthy — stock photos in our time. In ag, stock photographers like to include syringes, hazmat suits, DNA strands, test tubes, and beautiful smiles (there are oh-so-many smiles). As you might expect, the reality is a little different — often dirtier, more frustrating, and involving a lot fewer injections.

Just as one example, genetically engineered food is a popular topic to find images for, and the first photo that pops up on a Shutterstock search for “gmos” is this one:

Image by wellphoto, Shutterstock

I have no idea how we get any semblance of genetic engineering out of this photo (that sure is a sciencey-looking hand, though, isn’t it?). Not only is the method shown here absurd, the plums shown aren’t even part of the GMO discussion.

Twitter had some fun with this concept using the hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob, which is exactly what it sounds. But it’s not so much the ridiculous photos that make this an awesome hashtag, it’s the Twitterverse’s responses to these pics.

We’ve gathered up some of the best ones as they relate to farming, food, and plant sciences.















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