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Hurricane Harvey rescue calf now man’s best friend


Bringing a calf into the house during cold weather calving is not unusual for cow/calf producers around this time of year. It’s when the calf won’t leave, it becomes an issue. An orphan bottle calf rescued during Hurricane Harvey has recently grabbed national attention because well frankly, the heifer now thinks she’s a dog.

Harveigh was born shortly before Hurricane Harvey near Fulshear, Texas and was unable to nurse from her mom. The Canton family found her standing in water during the cold rain from the hurricane and brought her inside in attempt to save her. With a dangerously low body temperature and having little to no colostrum from her mom, her chances of survival were low.

“Stores were closed, roads were flooded, families were being evacuated all around us,” Tammy Canton shared on Facebook. “I believe God had other plans for one of his creatures.”

Apparently that plan was for the Canton family’s rescue pit bull to adopt Harveigh as her own. Canton said Sealy loves to spend her time playing, cleaning, and protecting baby Harveigh and the two have such a special bond.

Now the 400-pound heifer, who has her own Facebook page, refuses to go back out to pasture with the herd. And since she has outgrown her spot in the laundry room, the Canton family has built a “cow condo” for Harveigh. But that doesn’t stop Harveigh from coming in to say hi to Sealy and the family’s other dogs.

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