What if you could talk to your consumers directly? What would you say?


With the introduction of Twitter Spaces, audio streaming is gaining momentum. I spoke about the Clubhouse app in a previous post, Should farmers join the Clubhouse app?. I walked through the new social network that allows you to create rooms in which to chat audibly with urban customers.

With Twitter bringing this same type of technology through Twitter Spaces, agriculture has an opportunity to speak directly with consumers who may have never been to a farm and don’t understand where their food comes from.

Because Twitter Spaces is so new, there is an opportunity to be one of the first to start a Space dedicated to talking about agriculture and answering farming questions.

This is new to everyone, so you don’t have to worry about being late to the game.


How to start a Space on Twitter to talk agriculture

As of this writing, not everyone has access to start a Space, but this will be rolled out soon. Once you have access, it’s pretty simple. Just like composing a tweet, you would hold down the Compose button and you’ll see the Spaces icon, which looks like multiple circles in a diamond shape.

Or you can touch your profile picture, like you would to create a Fleet, and scroll to the right to see Spaces. When you are ready to chat, just tap Start your Space and turn on your mic.

You can turn on “show captions” to see what people are saying as well.

You’ll add a description that’s under 70 characters. If you are the host, you can control who is speaking and listening in the group settings as well as when people join. Only up to 11 people can speak in the group at one time.

How to join a Space on Twitter

Anyone can join a Twitter Space as a listener because they all are open and public. There are two ways to join a Space:

  1. You can touch the purple circle around the host’s photo at the top of your timeline.
  2. You can touch a purple Spaces box within a tweet. The Space must be live to join.

When you join a Space, you are muted, but you can change this if you want to speak. There are several things you can do once you join a Space. You can:

  • Request to be a speaker
  • Turn on captions
  • See who is in the room
  • Tap to send emoji reactions
  • Share tweets
  • Share the Space

How do you find Spaces that are on Twitter?

Right now, there is no dedicated way to search, but you can type “ within_time:15min” into a Twitter search in the app, and it will show you the Spaces that are live.

What do you think: Should farmers use Twitter Spaces to connect with more consumers? Let me know at or leave a comment below.


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