Insect Zoo at Iowa State will have bugs as the main course


If you’re involved in agriculture, that likely means you have a passion for food — in all of its forms. Even it’s crunchy, wiggly, buggy forms.

The author of “The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook” will be serving up dishes featuring tarantulas, scorpions, grasshoppers, and more at Iowa State University Insect Zoo’s Bug Village.  The event, to be held Aug. 27, features David George Gordon, who is popularly known as the Bug Chef.

“More than 80 species of arthropods will be on display with many hands-on activities planned, such as painting with bugs to create a maggot masterpiece or a Leonardo Da Roachy painting,” Ginny Mitchell, director of the Insect Zoo, said in post on Iowa State’s website.

While Gordon might be the star attraction, there will be lots of other activities at the Insect Zoo, including a cockroach race track and short films featuring insects — Sweet Cocoon, Sticky, and Josephine and the Roach.

For those who aren’t fans of bug-based food but are willing to give it a try anyway, let’s just hope they have a liberal supply of mints close at hand.


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