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Kansas Beef runners ‘moove it’ & get creative during their run


During this pandemic, people are looking for ways to stay active while they follow social distancing guidelines. One group — Kansas Beef — challenged their members to keep moo-ving and use their GPS to draw their best cow while on their run. The challenge continues on Facebook, where the public can vote for their favorite cow drawing. 

In a post on Facebook Kansas Beef said, “Even though spring races for the more than 900+ Kansas Beef Endurance Team athletes were cancelled or postponed, we decided we could still have a little competition and encourage each other to get outside (while social distancing) and be active. We challenged our members to use GPS to draw their best cow while running a 5K, 10K or Half Marathon. We think they did a great job and here are some of our favorites. Vote for your favorite by reacting to the photo you like most.”

For the first photo, it took 14.01 miles to draw — that is a lot of planning!  It is also 14 more miles than I have run during all of this pandemic. Way to go! One person on Facebook said, “14 miles of awesome!” 


This second drawing covers 6 miles. One Facebook user said, “This is really neat! Love the creativity! I am here for this kind of positive news 😂 this is why a life in agriculture is the BEST life!!” 


The third cow covers 7.18 miles and a cute little tail. On Facebook someone was pleased with the challenge and even made us chuckle. “Y’all must’ve been moooving!! But i’m a little disappointed that no one ran the udder way!!!


The last cow took 5.87 miles to create. One Facebook user said, “What a great representation of ‘Beef it’s what’s for dinner!'”

You can head on over to Kansas Beef’s Facebook page to vote for your favorite photo. Once on their page, click on the photo you like the best and hit the like button. Good luck picking just one! 

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